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Arnette Crew Clash 2.0: This Must be the Place vs Frumaseed

This Must Be the Place

Location: Utah
Riders: Griffin Siebert, Ben Bilodeau, Jesse Gouveia, Colton Morgan, Blake Geis, Blaze Kotsenburg, Dom Luza, Andrew Aldridge, and Jordan Morse.
Film/Edit: Connor Brown
More videos:


Riders: Mikey Perkins, Seth Pueschner , Dave Matonich.
Filmer: David Waub Smart
Location: Wisconsin
More videos:

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Voting will close Wednesday, March 14th at 5 pm PST.

The Arnette Crew Clash is brought to you by Arnette Eyewear, in association with Mt. Bachelor Ski Resort. New battles begin every Monday and Thursday and run for three days each.

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Comments (97)

  1. i can’t wait to hear what all the connors and jessies out there have to say

  2. Me too.

  3. Holy shit, I am one big dick playa

  4. And it begins.

    comer el wanton soup

  6. everyone vote this must be the plac3


  8. If this must be the place wins i’ll let Jesse pull out early and bust all over my back!

  9. lets see how much hate this comment board gets

  10. Sick reused footage you faggots. Not like we haven’t see all of those shots before. Fuck this must be the place.

  11. Sometimes i let Jesse punch my fartbox with his tounge

  12. awww waaaahh, this must be the place used some of the same shots. cry me a river. frumaseed used shitty angles of ethan diess tricks from last year, get over it.

  13. park city looks fun. and has looked fun……. all year.


  15. wasnt that ethan diess in that second vid with the front 1 switch nosepress? i didnt see his name in the description…

  16. @weanshitaker thats most definitely ethan diess

  17. they just forgot to mention the special guest appearance..

  18. i voted for frumaseed because they aren’t this must be the place.

  19. thought this was street competition

  20. when you’re at the top of the game, people will always hate.

  21. was it just me or were all of the “this must be the place” shots ramped.. we get it.. ohh its a 270 on, make sure and let your audience know its 270 degrees of turning before the rail..

  22. Who made their name Greg Phillips? Wasn’t him.

  23. ethan deiss is also in the second video at the beginning when he does the hardway half cab 270 on the downbar

  24. I didn’t watch the second vid but still voted for it cause TMBTP is a buncha cum dumpsters

  25. damn, tmbtp bringing that nug fire!

  26. frumaseed was proper 8==]D— tmbtp

  27. frumaseed, get better angles

  28. Frumaseed’s video is much better. Obviously you homos don’t know what good “angles” are, or how to snowboard. Get over it queers.

  29. You’re voting for the other vid, regardless whether you watched it or not, just because your chubby after watching TMBTP makes you nervous.

  30. tmbtp solid video. you guys are doin shit rite. haters only give your crew more attention. you guys got this round easy.

  31. this must be the place presents the abd’s of slc

  32. ^ Exactly why its in this video. from the looks of it i would have to say this is just park shots and b footy.

  33. Frumaseed reppin Wisco. they got my vote for sure

  34. TMBTP has been entertaining you fucks all winter. dont act like you didnt look forward to new edits from them. the yobeat crowd just always feels the need to jump on the commenting bandwagon and talk shit about whats hip to talk shit about. this is not connor brown, just a fan

  35. TMBTP: Love the videos but was it worth $40,000 to have most of the snowboard community hate you.

  36. @burrrtits, all of TMBTP could grind through your neck and shit down your throat

  37. Frumaseed, I think you would have got twice as many votes if you wouldn’t have put in an Ethan Deiss clip in your edit. whoops..

  38. 4 Mu$kapear$ for lyfe. Fuck this must be the place. Pears Pears, they deserve the win

  39. i hear diess is gergansmans homie watch that throwback

  40. Frumaseed has some potential, good riding, Wisco kids doin it. Got my vote


  42. Frumaseed. The end!

  43. just curious…why do so many people hate this must be the place?

  44. I’m pretty sure everyone was on their dick a couple months ago.. then people started pretended to post as them on yobeat and it all went downhill. great reason

  45. its ironic that almost every comment on here is hating on TMBTP but they are still winning…

  46. I think that was the first time i’ve seen Jesse hit a jump

  47. yeah why you kids hating? just keep being bummed theyre going to austria and youre sitting in your parents’ shit hole of a house in the midwest somewhere, jerking off all day and wishing you could travel around the world. jealousy is for females, man up

  48. TMBTP put together a clean film, but it’s super similar to everything put out by I Ride Park City, every shot ramped and shot with a fisheye, pretty standard. Frumaseed wasn’t close to as clean but no park and big features, close but they got my vote.

  49. voted for this must be the place because it seemed like the better way to keep people hating me.

  50. i voted for this much be the place solely on song choice.

  51. This Must Be The Place we should team up cause i think everybody hates both of us!

  52. frumaseed – biting louifs song, not to mention all the bros backin each other up on the boardslides and lipslides. if you didn’t have ethan diess’ shots in there i doubt you would’ve even submitted your video

  53. ^what vid did louif ride to that?

  54. I watched the fist five seconds…skipped to the last 5. Who wants to see the filler anyway. Probably just a buch of hype.

  55. @dig… it was used in his part in these days

  56. Fucks up with tmbtp’s song choice? might have voted for them if not for that………

  57. “This Must Be The Place” uses the same shots in every edit. Not cool.

  58. if you want to get picky about biting songs “One Night in Bangkok” was used in an old Wild Cats video, I believe a devun walsh part, but you can’t expect everyone to know every song that has ever been used.

  59. sorry FRUMASEED did not know that!

  60. watched them grow up, in Wisco….love the passion, the raw talent, the respect for each other. Best to FRUMASEED we love you

  61. Oh yeah, isn’t this a street video contest..? Not polished park? 🙂

  62. i thought this was a swivel contest.

  63. the editing in frumaseed was rather annoying. enough with the damn fades

  64. check out TMBTP teaser, now that looks buck

  65. coming home from work to read all this is quite something. ill start with this, we didn’t submit to this contest, we were invited. and never thought we had a chance, and surprised to find out it was accepted. and if you already won, why feel the need to talk shit, why take it so seriously. we didn’t take this seriously ….how could we with maybe 5″ of snow all year. we work full time jobs, we ride on weekends, get hurt and go to work the next day. we snowboard because PASSION. some of our best shots are with a two hundred dollar canon elph… Ethan Deiss is my friend, he’s wisco all day… we’ve had those shots and didn’t want to waste them. none of us talk shit about TMBTP, your obviously great riders…… we played fair, used only street clips and followed the rules. this is my take on all this non sense. end of story. Good luck to who ever is fortunate enough to go to baker.

  66. ^excuses are like asshole…..

  67. “you guys are the obama of this vote”

  68. i voted for tmbtp because their edit was better.

  69. guys! lets post pictures of us smoking cigs so everyone knows were hard and put shots of Ethan Deiss in our video so everyone knows how “in” we are in the snowboard community!

  70. JNEPNATION DROPPING CUNTS LIKE THEY LIVE IN TMBTP’S. Wisco boys for life, even if the edit blew in comparison.

  71. gerganzallas and i get in fights over cigs dabra…addiction

  72. Alright, if i wanted to see a park video i would have went on facebook to see the 3,000 kids at my local hill riding, street contest Frumaseed did just exactly that, not hatin on the tmbtp video but these guys are not out there everyday doing this, there weekend warriors, im sure if they had a 5,000 dollar camera, 2,000 dollar editing software, and a unlimited traveling budget these guys would have a huge video, FRUMASEED got my vote keep killin it guys

  73. i voted this must be the place because they didnt use “hurdy Gurdy” man by donavan from Louif’s part in these days..

  74. jesse gouveia looks like rosie o’donnell

  75. @chubby g
    The reason for the song choice is actually quite interesting.

  76. Dude that song was in his part from forever ago does matter on song look at the talent in riding did you see anyone so a 40 foot down rail to 3 drops on the end of it, complete gnar

  77. jordan morse makes me have to poop

  78. This is a lo closer than i would expect, TMBTP

  79. have to agree with Mikey. can’t knock the competition, can only wish them luck.
    fromaseed has my vote for doin’ what they gotta do, with what they have, in the places available and still giving tmbtps a run for the money.

  80. It seems this comment board has lost its mind. TMBTP or get the fuck out.

  81. What’s the point of this shit? Yobeat, you host ‘crew battles’ and that’s cool, helping under-appreciated shredders make their way to the limelight is definitely appreciated. But all this hating in the comments is really quite unfortunate…I would expect better from you shred community…Both these crews are putting in hours filming, riding, crashing, editing, etc…so you have an edit to WATCH when you’re bored. You already get the option to “vote” for the crew you liked, you don’t need to hit the comment section for a little shit talk session afterwards. Have love for your crew and rep ’em hard, but that doesn’t give you the right to be a fuckin’ asshole to other crews. You all seem to have forgotten one of the fundamental rules in extreme sports, respect EARNS respect.

  82. ChubbyG can suck a fat one and what’s the point has a good message except respect for you is critical n lame

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