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This Must be the Place Teaser

Between winning trips to Austria and being the subject of more comments than even Pat Milbery, This Must be the Place is apparently making a movie. You know you love it.

Featuring: Jesse Gouveia, Andrew Aldridge, Chris Cloud, Jordan Morse, Blaze Kotsenburg, Dom Luza, Griffin Siebert, Shane Wright, Max Warbington, Ben Strause, Kevin Maples, and Cole Navin.

Film and Edit by Connor Brown

one of the founders of the internet.
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Comments (50)

  1. cato?

  2. can’t wait fo dis shit. gon be cray

  3. if this were facebook, i would like this.



  6. im so happy to finally be included in a snowboard video, thank you connor brown. and fuck lynyrd skynryrd!

  7. homeboy got torn up on the center stair rail…

  8. Andrew Aldridge kills it harder than my flesh light

  9. Where was that shot of Ben Maki tumbling down a wall, you know, the one that knocked the blood clot out of his leg and into his lung. that shit was tight

  10. Does Blaze Kotsenburg have a mild case of down syndrome?

  11. how the shit did Dude McMan get up after all of those bails on the center stair rail?

  12. Shit better be free
    I ain’t trying to finance Connor Brown’s college

  13. This Must Be the Place / Naïve Melody

  14. for a minute there i thought i was watching a peepshow edit. you guys ate shiet.

  15. how much longer till we will all be advised to vote for this?

  16. Fuckin’ hammers. gettin dem panties wet.

  17. i guess it was pretty good. seemed a bit over edited maybe.

  18. Featuring Ben Strause??? Really?

  19. I heard Conner Brown but his family in debt with all his camera gear.

  20. these guys are chyll bubler, but cole navin and andrew aldridge are going to shut it down

  21. beating the adaptor straight into the ground. shit is now played

  22. damn. not one park shot. thats awesome.

  23. I’ll definitely let Connor touch my boobs when the movie comes out.

  24. dope, i’ll make sure to skip jesse’s part though.

  25. this actually looks mega dope. im excited to see the final result. is the ish gonna be free or sold in skateshops near you? oh ya, bloody vaginal vomit…

  26. andrew a. straight outta gunstock.

  27. Where is this “place” i don’t think I’ve ever seen any of these spots before!

  28. Maybe lay off the filter a little? But for sure to be some hammers.

  29. I expected alot more from this little turd.

  30. Ben Strause is the future Scott Stevens
    I heard he has opener and ender

  31. you know you can zoom in on your 35mm?

  32. kevin maples, ladies and gentlemen, unfazed and uninjured from all those stair massages

  33. My name is Jesse Gouveia and I hate coffee


  35. im really hyped to be a pro shredder… if you wach my latest coverage from japan i really take talking to the next level , not in 1 edit or 2 edits but 3 full length episodes of shit


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