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CAPiTA Tuesdays: Mike Rav Full Part

Mike Rav!

one of the founders of the internet.
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Comments (32)

  1. Thats a mean boardslide hes got goin.

  2. if this video gets one hate comment I’m leaving yobeat

  3. switch back 270 to regs? damn rav. cant wait to see his KTC part this year.

  4. back 270s to fakie and switch back 270s to reg. so hot right now. look what you started louif

  5. are super between the feet, thats the way it should be.

  6. im seeing triple rav capita banner-video-banner… “ravision”…?

  7. Ravelsnake!

  8. ender was so sick. and switch back 270 to regular, what?????

  9. no hate

  10. I was trying hard to come up with a hate comment just to piss commenter #3 off, but then I gave up… Mike Rav is just rad!

  11. mike rav is the nicest human being ever

  12. Mike Rav coming at ya raw and un-cut, dats whats up

  13. Yup

  14. one of my favorite parts in the whole movie, especially since he’s from MASS

  15. finally a video on yobeat that everyone can agree on


  17. mike rav is the second coming of jesus

  18. Rav is the most dankest white mofucka ever to come outta fuckin shroomsburg

  19. ok, you know how they say to see a doctor if you have a boner for more than 4 hours? well, i watched this about 4 hours ago, and this shits still rock hard.

  20. jnepnation might have to go into early retirement after seeing this

  21. jnepnation should die. this was sick.

  22. Yobeats too carebear for me now, im going to killmyselfbai.

  23. swbs 2sev 2 regs?!! It’s crazy he could spin at all with everyone swinging off his dick!


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