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Brandon Hammid: 16 on 16

From the desk of Pika:

Brandon Hammid (aka Buff Moose) throws down on life and on his snowboard. At 5% body fat and 100% ripping, Hammid is 105% on board for a banger part in Think Thank’s upcoming “Mind The Video Man.”

Video by Sean Lucey

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Comments (11)

  1. the weeeed can’t get much bettttttahhhhh

  2. Mind the video man is going to be fucked up.

  3. one time i jerked off 15 times in 1 day


  5. Proper tricks classic spot. purrfect

  6. HOLY FUCK BRANDON HAMMID is sooo fucking good.

  7. Last trick cut short= front 3 nosepress for the video

  8. Has a boner

  9. correct me if im wrong but i think hammids switch back one nosepress won a couple competitions on reelcomp back in the day haha

  10. Check Brandon out on instagram:



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