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Arnette Crew Clash: Stoop Kids vs SoLame vs Butternut Crew

We teamed up with Arnette and Mt. Bachelor to bring you the Crew Clash, version 2.0. This year the winning crew will receive $1000 and an all-expenses-paid trip to Mt. Bachelor, so we got lots of entries. In fact, we ended up with an uneven number which means for this first battle we’ve opted to just let in three crews. Your vote will determine who makes it to the next round so watch the videos and choose wisely, or just click the button for the crew who told you to come vote.

Stoop Kids

Riders: Ryan Lanham, Griffin Lancaster, Jake Flood, Ben Hannon, Matt Bernard, Nicky McMillen and Jamie Orkin.
shot/cut by Seamus Foster & Matt Bernard
Additional Filming by Tyler Bello
More videos:


Location: Souix Falls, SD
Riders: Andy Glader, Dan Nix, Terril Van Hemert, Ethan Olson, Alex Lockwood, Mikey Roynesdal, Matt Hiemstra, Derick Lang.
Filmers: Tyler Hitchcock, Jonathan Otte
Editor: Tyler Hitchcock
More Videos:

Butternut Crew

Location: Butternut, MA
Riders: John Silk, Ross Weiller, Dan Leary Nick McCarthy
Filmed and Cut: Drew Sauer
More videos:

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Voting will close Thursday, March 8th at 5 pm PST.

The Arnette Crew Clash is brought to you by Arnette Eyewear, in association with Mt. Bachelor Ski Resort. New battles begin every Monday and Thursday and run for three days each.

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Comments (112)

  1. shit piss fuck cunt cocksucker motherfucker turd fart twat

  2. Those other videos have a looooooot of park footy…

  3. we all know it’s going to come down to this must be the place and yawgoons

  4. Haha don’t count out the fAmDaMly !!!

  5. Stoop kid’s afraid to leave his stoop!

  6. Bummer these guys moms didn’t buy the best camera and lens on the market… Might have stood a chance against this must be the place.


  7. I like huge black penis in and around my mouth.

  8. I dildo myself with wisks covered in pancake batter.

  9. If everyone votes for this must be the place i’ll show them a naked picture of my sister.

  10. Stoop kids had the best riding and heaviest features, but I really liked the feel and song of the Butternut edit.

  11. Has anyone ever seen Jesse hit a jump? I don’t think i’ve ever seen him more then 3 feet off the ground. Learn how to ride something besides rails you pussy ass faggot. Vote 4mu$kapear$

    Fuck this must be the place

  12. Vote for butternut crew and ill deepthroat long dong silver……………he can tie his dick in a knot.

  13. What was the horn app on his phone?

  14. hey stoop kids edit is over 3 min dq’d

  15. ^yea i dont wanna watch 4 extra seconds

  16. I wish people knew what color correction was. Also, explosions are cool.

  17. Please everyone go vote for this must be the place. Vote from your computer on all browsers, your iphone cause your all rich and have one, your moms iphone because your moms rich and gives you money to snowboard, your dads iphone cause hes rich and gives you money to snowboard, your brothers and sister iphones cause they have them too and then go to the local highschool get a visitors pass and vote from every computer and then go to your local library sign up for a library card so you can vote from every computer and den and dennnn and dennnnnnnn.

    The internet must be the place cause i spend all my time telling people to vote on it.

  18. i guess style doesn’t matter anymore?

  19. Pairtits died

  20. first kids have the best vid

  21. Yawgoons is gonna rip this must be the place a new asshole in the finals.

  22. GET STOOP-ID!!

  23. stoop kids should win. newest kids on the block with some of the best footage. tmbtp are already gonna win 40k

  24. jesse and connor are killing it in comments. long dong silver..csm is that u

  25. @Jesse Gouviea stop trying so hard. Your going to sell out this must be the place before there video even goes up. So quit ya bitching/nagging nonsense faggit.

  26. Stoop kids jocks on the east coast skateboard company called stoop kids……

  27. yeah this is not the place for posting about this must be the place

  28. FUK what ya herd it’s all going downhill from here

  29. someone went to the same public video archive as the AMMO video…

  30. this must be the place is fucking retarded. Dont let these d-bags blow up the internet votes again! Even if they’re against Caked or something, vote against them!!! Bunch of kooks w/ baby shlongs

  31. ur dag would be pissed if you didnt vote for stoopkids

  32. pretty obviously not jesse or connor… cmon…

  33. SoLame got tricks but no style, to flaily

  34. Sorry that were just trying to hype up our video a little. Were the best crew in america. Give us a break.

  35. This is already more annoying than Chosen. Stop spamming under fake names for no reason, im sure your laughing your asses off writing these fake name comments but in reality its not that funny. Butternut gets my vote, no snow in the streets here in mass so they stacked footy in the park and made it look good

  36. This must be the place only goes to blown out spots, thus making them think they are at a place of asome total radness. in reality, they are the kids whose parents paid for them to snowboard enough that their competition just quit because they couldnt rip of their favorite pro’s as well as Gouveia and associated fagboys. by hyping up your video you make people dislike it just cos its force fed to em, like cocks are to you. damn and i was gonna stop being mean on the interwebz. how about we vote for the video thats the best, not the one with our friends in it?

  37. Hahaha so many on point Connor and Jesse comments. Whoever is typing all of those seems like they know Connor and Jesse pretty well, which is weird because they seem extremely up set about something…trying actually getting out your hard feelings by stating your name next time so I know who to take a piss on. And vote Stoop Kids.

  38. @GetWyld word, thanks homie!

  39. @ Andrew Aldridge

    It was all me. I’m soooo sorry, I have a blood clot ass hole. All i can do all day is sit on the couch get fat and comment on yobeat.

  40. solame and stoop kids aren’t nearly as savage as the butternut crew

  41. i love macklemore and ryan lewis!!!!!

  42. these guys are all winners for dumbest crew names.

  43. i will do everything in my power to spam the stoop kids to victory. dey on one this year.

  44. Please spell my name right if your going to imitate me. Nothing above was Connor or I.

    Stoop kids good work.

  45. p.s. jamie orkin is gnarly.

  46. compared to most of the comments on this post the first one is a good one

  47. p.p.s. Ben Maki is becoming one of my favorites, and he isn’t even boarding. his comments trump all.

  48. Stoop Chodes own this! That nutbutter crew just did a bunch of saggy front 1s on and 1s out… 3 IT OR LEAVE IT!!!

  49. I haven’t snowboarded at all this week, but for everyday i haven’t snowboarded, I’ve drank a shamrock shake

  50. I hope the yawgoons win because I know they will make the most amazing bachelor edit. No one else measures up

  51. J SNAKES THE SKULL FUCKER has the right idea

  52. Pine-scented aftershave face plant-nice.

  53. holy shit jamie orkin. WHO ARE YOU

  54. We coming hard!!! Get you hate sticks out !!!

  55. West coast kids have a clear advantage. Try hitting street rails with no snow…..

  56. how come all of butternuts lips are 2 inches below the rail? you could ride onto that down flat down.

  57. I’m surprised it’s so close, I don’t know either crew but stoop kids obviously put a lot of time into their vid hittin all that urban and gettin creative with features, and they are throwin down heavier. butternut vid is entertaining but come on, you could make a park edit in a day or two. do people watch the vids or is it just a popularity contest? i’m sure there is only park in ND right now but still…

  58. @nopop sorry that we aren’t from out west and we ride Butternut, MA where the biggest feature is that dfd… Still a mad fun place

  59. In MA, my bad, before the typo police get me

  60. Fuck what y’all heard butternut crew has what it takes fuck the stoop kids

  61. Don’t count out SoLame Crew, def comin in hot with the clutch


  63. Sioux Falls hardly had snow, so the SoLame crew did the best they could! Quit hatin

  64. @cock block- you know how much it has snowed in salt lake? probably as much as the north east. stoop kids just decided to take advantage of it

  65. Midwest has bipolar weather. Snows 6 inches one day, 60 degrees the next day

  66. @turd ferguson, as a person from Mass, i dont think you understand the predicament, it literally didn’t snow.

  67. Wonton speaks the truth, it was one fucked up winter

  68. Thatoneguy, That is exactly the same as SLC.

  69. I dont think anyone of you understand when we say that it legit didn’t snow it MA…

  70. @darth vader- it snowed in NY and VT, travel.

  71. i hear talk about the west gettin snow and advantages, but it’s the same as you guys are sayin for us. We have had snow twice in our town but same weird weather patterns as everywhere else, snow then warm weather. All the crews are filmin in AK for a reason, and that reason is everywhere else has been bunk, including the west.

  72. @darth vader, I totally understand and think that the MA crew did a nice job with the park they have, but snow or no snow it can’t be compared to a crew that is spendin day and night huntin rails and settin shit up that is way more banger then the park is goin to offer, still props to the crew though

  73. @Chip- you’re about to find out! SEGCOS THE MOVIE

  74. grass side?? oh man… and seriously connor why would you enter this? jesus

  75. Stoop Kids, forrr sure! And whatevz you have to say about Connor and Jesse… I’d totally let TMBTP drop cum bombs on my face.

  76. soooo not saying these were necessarily “bad” but I hope that the filming and content quality gets better….. especially since the battle is going to last like 2 months now.

  77. BUT stoopkids definitely killed this round.

  78. does anyone even look down this far?

  79. Butternut should take this one

  80. Satan votes for Stoop kids . Think about all the work put into the street rails.

  81. stoop kids may have put more work in but there sty is total dick. kid needs to learn how to ride at 40 seconds…

  82. We feeling butternut, MA!!! Get your vote in!!!

  83. wait, what camera is that
    also, how do you ramp

  84. I got a yeast infection from the pancake batter -_-

  85. I vote Ryan Lanham, (captain of the stooped) for zeacher of the year. ZOY

  86. Butternut!!!!!! Vote Now!!!!!!! We Battle March 19th , check out the famdamly!!!!!

  87. more ben hannon footy if your lookinto win.

  88. Stoop Killed it Butternut killed, picked some crazy good spots but i gota give it too Stoop but fuck arguing im gonna spread nutella on an apple,bread, and a croissant Fuck Yea


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