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The 10 Commandments of a Powder Day

Other than painting walls at the new Yobeat HQ, and shamelessly promoting YOMERICA DIE CUT STICKERS, I have spent much of my powderless winter rummaging around ancient Indian burial Grounds for sacred snowboard relics. (It’s part of the internship). Days before the country got dumped on from coast to coast, I found a sacred document in the skull of a decaying Native American. Listed Below are the ancient commandments defining man’s place with powder.


I. Thou Shall trust the wise words of elders.

Many say that wisdom comes with age. Old people can lead you to some crazy shit on the mountain. Often times the youngsters get too anxious and end up choosing a stupid line. Take notes from those who know where they are going.

II. He who finds it shall drop first.

It’s common courtesy to let your guide get it first. If you are a noobie being lead to an amazing spot, don’t dare drop-in unless your guide tells you to take it. First tracks are a sacred thing.

III. Thou shall keep at least one homie in sight at all times.

The Expression “No friends on a powder day” is untrue unless you virtually have no one you enjoy snowboarding with, which might make you weird. Shredding pow with a friend is not only safer, but they serve as a witness to all the sick shit you are doing.

IV. Thou shalt not bitch.

Being with a Debbie-downer on a powder day blows. If your gear is malfunctioning, or you think you’re hurting a little bit too much, do everyone a favor and just go inside. The bottom line is, we all understand the situations that can be less-than-ideal on a powder day, but we really don’t need to hear a sob story about yours.

V. Thou shall take the singles line.

If the weekend crowds are killing the mood, split up and zip through the singles line, who knows, you might get to ride up with a snow bunny and shred away not-so-single.

VI. Thou shall point all Joeys in the wrong direction.

“DUDE, My company gave me free ski-blade rentals today, can you tell me where all the best powder runs are?”
If a Joey is hassling you on the lift about all your secret spots, do not hesitate to send him towards the nearest magic carpet.

VII. Thou shall refer to all awesome runs as “horrible” in the lift line.

Code word: “horrible” is a great way to tell your friends in the line how amazing a run was without drawing attention to yourself. The more worse you make the run sound, the better it actually is.

VIII. Thou shall not pee in an open powder field.

I would like to think of a man’s ability to pee in the woods as a privilege, not a right. For goodness sake, pee on a tree. There is nothing worse than tomahawking into a warm, yellow snow beard. Besides, pissing in the middle of a pristine powder field takes a deranged sort of person.

IX. Thou shall share all snacks.

If you have sustenance, it is your duty to hook your friend up with a piece. It can be tortuous watching one of your homies put back a granola bar without the thought of offering you any. If they deny you food and you get hurt, blame them.

X. Thou shall not boast to friends who could not shred.

Listening to you tell me how much it sucks that i couldn’t go reminds me of how much it sucks to be your friend. Did you learn nothing from the enlightening experience you just came back from? Don’t come home and rub it in.

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Comments (29)

  1. thou shall not traverse directly through the landing of a cliff drop.
    thou shall not stop halfway down a chute

  2. the boasting is the best part

  3. thou shall go to Niseko for a season and then laugh at this post because powder sucks when it snows this much.. Give me a sunny, slushy day.. only been waiting since the start of November for one.. fuk pow!

  4. “No friends on a powder day” but we already know that cliche by heart.

  5. Thou shalt not follow cam gapers on groomed runs.

  6. @caz, you’re retarted. pow makes the world go round

  7. “try this granola bar, its fucking delicious”

  8. True all the way through, no bitching bitches

  9. All true except X, bragging about powder is almost as awesome as riding the powder!

  10. Jerm’s Dad bitches when he rides me..

  11. jerm needs to get a fucken life and go outside every once in a while

  12. The disciple has a nice duck stance.

  13. you guys are obviously mistaken.
    rule #1: no bitchin

  14. Jesus and Powder. That’s the one two punch. The holy of holies.

  15. I heard that Jed Hates riding pow.

  16. thou shall not bring GF unless she can shred as good or better than you!

  17. not peeing in a powder field is an often overlooked commandment .


  19. the pictures is what made it hilarious hahaha

  20. you forgot the safety meeting.

    puff, puff, pass

  21. awesome. and no friends on pow days if they can’t get up at 7am to catch first chair… their fault.

  22. thou shall take an avi course, a lot of em are free too. you know what they say…safety first!

  23. @POWturns.

    damn right, everyone couldn’t get up for a huge pow day on monday; I got all the fresh lines they made it on the bus for 12:30 when I was hunting trees for the great pow after taking the more open lines.

  24. Thou shalt not ski cut the entire bowl! You fucking East Coast Ski/Tele Ski Fucks!

    If you cannot make s-turns the from the top to bottom, stay they fuck out. It’s a bad enough season with limited pow; you ski cutting it all only makes it worse.

    I’m opening a fucking beer. Fucking cunts stay out of Utah-Colorado is way better and has real beer.. and more Mylar boxes to ‘pizza’ your way across.

  25. Thou shalt not sideslip down a powder run, and shall beat the living shit out of anyone who does.


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