Mountain Creek Fast Laps – Episode 4

Some gangster rap and New Jersey snowboarding. And mayyybe a pair of orange sweatpants? Debatable.

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  1. JayNewnon
    JayNewnon says:

    Wow.. This should be a Rejected edit! Stopped riding Creek last year. The park has gone downhill the last 5 years. All they care about is their new lodge. Bring back the old park crew. This place is toast.

  2. scott duchene
    scott duchene says:

    let’s get some longer edits mountain creek. you guys have so much for potential for weekly edits

  3. 2chainz
    2chainz says:

    Its impossible to ruin a 2chainz song. This was fire. Big boulder isn’t even going to have a park soon.

  4. JayNewnon
    JayNewnon says:

    Ignorance if you think creek hasn’t gone downhill. The park used to be much more creative… Now, the park crew just copies what other resorts are doing and they can’t even do that right! Creek = needs new crew. 7 Springs FTW!

  5. clayton bigsby
    clayton bigsby says:

    JayNewnon and Don Perignon boof dicks for a living… creek may suck sometimes but you gotta be brain dead if you think that edit didn’t have good riding in it

  6. Dirtyjerz
    Dirtyjerz says:

    At least creek has real lifts.. Unlike the prehistoric shit at big boulder.. And jay ur prolly a Fucken gaper

  7. JayNewnon
    JayNewnon says:

    Nonsense… Even the locals at Creek would be considered gapers everywhere else. If the riders at creek are siooooo good, then why don’t any if them do well at comps outside of creek? Get over it.. The park is lame..this video does a great job proving it!

  8. Don Perignon
    Don Perignon says:

    ^^^^exactly, these riders can’t compete outside of their “creek”. and creek may have better lifts, but i’ll take old lifts and a killer park over fast lifts and a half ass park with ruts, too many people, and bad vibes. Boulder is the shit. GET WIT IT

  9. Dirtyjerz
    Dirtyjerz says:

    Judging creek just from the 7 features shown in this video isn’t equal to Judging your mom by her trampstamp and c section scar

  10. Don Perignon
    Don Perignon says:

    BTW clayton, what was the good riding in this edit, its all boxes and amatuer rail tricks. please educate me….creek kids think their best local riders are the shit, go outside of ur creek bubble and their nothing special

  11. JayNewnon
    JayNewnon says:

    The park is judged by more than this video.. You are a tard if you think Creeks park is good. The locals are nothing more than gapers in training… Again, this video proves it! It’s supposed to be a promo video for the resort and it still sucks!

  12. JayNewnon
    JayNewnon says:

    I think the problem with creek is lack of creativity n inovation since the people that build the park and jibs can’t ride for shit.. Mark Tremane for example… Nice kid, funny… But can’t snowboard for shit! There are epileptics with better style!

  13. clayton bigsby
    clayton bigsby says:

    don and jay you guys must be having so much fun at your lan party circle jerk… jay i think it’s funny you say “Stopped riding Creek last year. The park has gone downhill the last 5 years…” then go on to say “Even the locals at Creek would be considered gapers everywhere else.” Are you a self-proclaimed gaper? sounds to me like you’ve been riding there for the past 5 years from what you just said. i’m not trying to justify creek’s set up cause yeah, that place does suck at times. it’s got a some potential and could be better than it is. what i am trying to justify is the fact that these dudes are out there making the best of what they got to ride and doing a good job of it. it’s not their fault the box to rail ratio is currently 4:1

  14. MadsenSucks
    MadsenSucks says:

    Kade Madsen is the real faggot..went to tahoe, everyone hated him… he’s back in jersey like the tool he is.

  15. Vernon
    Vernon says:

    Creeks park sucks, has been absolutely horrible this year. Lacks creativity and any sort of flow. Thy never change anything up. Creek management this isn’t 7 years ago and your park isn’t rated top 3 anymore, it’s about time this place stepped up.

  16. jerm
    jerm says:

    I strongly disagree with MadsenSucks. Kade is real sick, always smooth. Cant say i ever had a problem with him, and i dont like anyone. Hes actually the only person they should be filming at creek

  17. Don Perignon
    Don Perignon says:

    ^^^^ kade is one of few creek riders with dope style, these two are good riders as well, but this edit not so much…u hear me clayton

  18. snakebite
    snakebite says:

    talkin so much shit!!…Kade is the homie and kills do richie and i will tell you no name faggot talking shit that Jersey kids can fight and will fuck you upppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppp hahahaha

  19. information you should know
    information you should know says:

    marc tremain doesn’t design or implement park builds for the general public and hasn’t for a while. unless you’ve done a select contest this year where marc was the designer, you have not ridden a park built by marc tremain.

    the park in this edit was not built by marc, nor were any of the parks you’ve seen in any edit on YoBeat.

    don’t call people out without knowing what you’re talking about.

  20. MadsenSucks
    MadsenSucks says:

    ummm. mark tremain builds the jibs.and there has been zero creativity the last few years. the park crew can only do so much when the jibs he builds are boring, bland and oldschool.

  21. information you should know
    information you should know says:

    so explain to me why you haven’t just moved to big bear?

    It’s New Jersey. Top to bottom park runs on a dedicated peak with a skate bowl in the lodge? Literally, no snow this year, 50 degrees and we’re still running the SuperPass jumps? Really dude, if you want to ride that stupid ass bat wing or some sort of “raw street plaza,” move to one of the 2 places in the country that have that for you. Otherwise, welcome to hell.

  22. MadsenSucks
    MadsenSucks says:

    I just think its funny how much the locals at Creek pump-up the place and try to hype-up a turd…Its OK that you are happy and have loyalty to your home turf….just stop trying to convince everyone else that it’s more than one it is….. a tiny hill with no vert, no freeriding and a really piss-poor park. Good for Jersey? Hell yes! Good for anywhere else? Bottom of the barrel my friend. They really should consider hiring someone that has a clue like the 7Springs Crew, or someone with real experience. Place has a ton of potential, its a shame seeing it in such bad shape.

  23. more information
    more information says:

    Find potential in this: Mountain Creek got 3 inches of actual snow this year, has no lake effect, no vertical, is at sea level, and has the worst trail pitch for a terrain park. It was above freezing most of the winter and a GOOD NJ season is 3 months long. They probably don’t have the money to be outsourcing employees from 7Springs, Big Bear, Loon, Mammoth, Park City or anywhere else. It’s not a college town like Plymouth, NH or SLC so most of these kids are in high school or fresh out with no jobs. The 5d or hvx that this is filmed on is probably the most expensive thing in Sussex county. Believe me, I used to live there.

    There’s absolutely no potential here, just drug addled red necks who find more in common with the confederate flag/larry the cable guy than snowboarding.

    And i’d say for that crowd, they’re doing pretty damn good.

  24. jerm
    jerm says:

    MadsenSucks is just a dumbass. Look at all those places in the midwest that have the most stock features and even less area and people love it there and rep it to death. They also produce some of the best riders out. The video may be week but your logic and argument is just dumb. Creativity comes from the rider. You shouldnt need the most progressive features to be creative. If you do then you should probably rethink what youre doing and why


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