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Buckhunters Double Feature

Not only did Buck Love throw us a little love in one of these edits, they’re both pretty entertaining. Playing in the play park and the snow parks of Interior BC.

Riders: mike senger, jesse sorenson, kyle grover, ryan jackson and kyle stainton

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Comments (14)

  1. trim the fat and that would of been tight

  2. why is my peepee hard mom?

  3. lol’d at the intro
    then looked up that adele song
    now i’m crying alone in my room
    haven’t even gotten to the second edit yet
    my life is spiraling downward

  4. man buckhunters slay, cant wait for the full length!

  5. so is tucking your pants into your boots a canadian thing?

  6. yes. right after we figured out maple syrup, we decided to start tucking our pants into our boots. nailed it.

  7. easily two of the most entertaining edits I have ever watched, with the least impressive snowboarding.

    exactly the way I like em.

  8. Get Buck!

  9. bitch get off the computer or you’re gonna get the FIST

  10. Can I get off the computer and still get the fist?

  11. hey is dat me in duh supabowl edit @ 1:13?


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