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New Guys at Trollhaugen

Not the usual Troll crew — Sean Lucey brings Ryan Paul, Nial Romanek and Brandon Hammid to the Midwest Epicenter.

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  • thatguy

    false advertising… i saw no “Justin Fornius”

    • admin

      ^sorry, day drinking was involved in this post.

  • UHHH

    Peculiar Maneuvers

  • wait

    trollhaugen isn’t in utah

  • jerm


  • ble

    secret nial

  • Womp

    weak sauce

  • Toby Witte

    yobeat re-defines office party

  • yoshi

    filmer worked hard fodis

  • Art Vandelay

    finally an edit that doesn’t consist of gucci mane, waka flocka pop hop, or hipster “so shitty it has to be good” music, just some good ‘ol qtip from tribe.

  • ConnieTsunami

    troll looks awesome this year, triple kink looks mean

  • DADswag

    what the fuck is this garbage? Filmer sucks, can’t even see what tricks are going down, each of these guys got like 3 shots their whole time at Trollhaugen? Ryan Paul comes to Trollhaugen to hit the jump? This edit is a fucking joke

  • Minn

    this is how fast everyone should ride when filming park

  • racks_on_racks

    RP kills the midwest, no matter where. glad that people like Brandon out west in Brighton are able to see the Greener Grasses of the midwest

  • topshotta

    jah nial!

  • Jerm’s Mom

    Jerm could do better than that!

  • Jsoohy

    Lucey is king

  • skiball

    speedy and loose hats

  • Weiners

    that was sexy as hell