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Zac Marben Shoot the Moon Reedit

Same footage, same mustache. Different order and song. It’s a reedit of Zac Marben’s Shoot the Moon part.

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Comments (9)

  1. Those are some of the best backcountry tricks I have seen in a while. Double rodeo 10 was nuts!

  2. reedit is unnecessary. shoot the moon editing was prime.

  3. gotta agree with dude… volcom just made him look like shit compared to VG

  4. ^ i mean, then thats a pretty damn good looking shit

  5. volcoms editing makes everyone look like shit

  6. kids got swag

  7. The man is a boss
    I call him a man because damn, have you seen that mustache?

  8. this guys fucking gay. hes the worst snowboarder in the whole universe. even im better than him. look me up on flickr.


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