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Zac Marben Shoot the Moon Reedit

Same footage, same mustache. Different order and song. It’s a reedit of Zac Marben’s Shoot the Moon part.

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  • Mrej

    Those are some of the best backcountry tricks I have seen in a while. Double rodeo 10 was nuts!

  • dude

    reedit is unnecessary. shoot the moon editing was prime.

  • Churr Boy

    gotta agree with dude… volcom just made him look like shit compared to VG

  • Andrew

    ^ i mean, then thats a pretty damn good looking shit

  • bazinga

    volcoms editing makes everyone look like shit

  • same


  • DannyG

    kids got swag

  • yoyougotfruit

    The man is a boss
    I call him a man because damn, have you seen that mustache?

  • jackkthemackk

    this guys fucking gay. hes the worst snowboarder in the whole universe. even im better than him. look me up on flickr.