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FootyFiend Comes to America

The boys at managed to survive cheap 3.2 beer and endless fast food to bring you this Park City edit. Featuring Cody Wilson and Blake Payne.


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Comments (25)

  1. anybody tried blunt pretzels… shits impossible

  2. blake moffukin payne is the shit

  3. Much respect to these Canadians. Cool cats they are.

  4. Footyfiend takin shit over!! Watch out Obama..

  5. I remember this song from SSX 3.

  6. Cobra Dogs own Thomas Haraden sighted.

  7. Front Feeble pretzel.. Shits ridiculous

  8. Sittin Sidewayz, SSX for DAYZZZ!

  9. blakes not candian hes the man

  10. god utah is so lame with that 3.2 bullshit beer.

  11. Just go to the liquor store and by the devastator, shit 9% and its got a mountain goat with flames head butting the Mormon temple.

  12. yeah, quit trying to be like torstein!

  13. Yea fuck
    Mormons and their temple

  14. This song reminds me of SSX on tour, so many one footers

  15. footyfiend on the come up! hyped for jordan and cody

  16. mormons suck and blake payne is a bouws


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