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Brighton Must be the Place: Part #2

Will they win Nike Chosen and then win the Arnette Crew Clash too, hitting almost exclusively park rails? If anyone can do it, it’s Connor Brown and co. For now, enjoy a few days at Brighton featuring Alex Cato, Oliver Dixon, Andrew Aldridge, Jesse Gouveia, Blaze Kotsenburg, Dom Luza, Kevin Maples, Blake Geis, Chris Cloud, Cameron Gorby, and Jordan Morse.

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Comments (73)

  1. videograss used pink floyd so lets do it too! just kidding. can’t get enough of jesse’s style, all these dudes rip, and connor brown knows how to make snowboarding look good

  2. hell yeah jesse and all these dudes are sick, brighton is the place

  3. jesse gouveia is linsane! fire stee

  4. first edit ripped future islands from HCSC. second edit rips pink floyd from VG teaser. TRANNY FINDERS FOREVERRR

  5. connor is a tranny finder, so is jesse. fuck them.

  6. dom is a fucking rollerblader. i love it.

  7. dang. that was sick.
    yobeat fuck you, you know the tranny finders all fucking suck EXCEPT connor and jesse. they were always good. its kinda a shame connor just films now.

  8. KILLA CAM! I’m glad to see you are healthy and ripping. So much love from KPDC x BBC.

  9. It’s funny how mommy and daddy buy this kid a 3000 dollar lens 2000 dollar camera with 1000 dollar p2 cards to make web edits.. He stood at the same angle for most of the rails and all in all its pretty boring to watch. The only thing good about the edit is the riding. Take this shit to the streets! Jordan morse is a fucking boss. I’m calling it now this kid will be pro in 2 years tops.

  10. yeah. it is pretty fucked up how mommy and daddy set this kid up so hard. that camera equipment aint cheap.

  11. fuck pink floyd. overrated bring ass shit. yeah, i said it.

  12. at first i was all meh this is ok, and then around 3:25 it got really good.

  13. Why do you people care where he got the camera? The edits are good. The quality is good. So shut up about “mommy and daddy”.

  14. sorry your “mommy and daddy” didn’t work hard enough and you’ve brought your frustration here.
    It’s sick and you know it.

  15. God damn, how does Dom’s back 3 on back 3 out not make the cut??

  16. AA fb on the drop rail was doppe.

  17. Holy butts that was super sick.

  18. that was tight.
    ender was fucked.

  19. Real men ride the Breck. We have like a hundred launch features

  20. Just vomited on my poop dick, removed my ribs and sucked it. Thats how sick the edit was.

  21. I wish my mom and dad would spend $10,000 on camera gear for me. You can make anyone look sick with a few ramped slow mo’s

  22. this is fire. Ya’ll are wack about complaining

  23. and this is how pre cum is made.

  24. Bummer your poor fagz My parents by me whatever i want and we still have money to support your familyz at christmaz time… Being santa for yo ass aint cheap either. HAAHAAAAAAAA.

  25. santa isnt real stacks, now your dumb ass gets nothing for Christmas.

  26. who the fuck would name their kid blaze

  27. you know what they say about od…………………. he has tight pants

  28. Dom’s Back Three on Back Three off will probably be in Part #3

  29. By the way, having “Part” and “#” is redundant.

  30. i like how the 2 shots where cock butt was snowboarding AND filming were hideous. good job filming park when you cant follow cam.

  31. kicking around on a piece of ground in your hometown

  32. did Tanner P make this edit? or was it the ktc dudes? get original conner. jesus.

  33. what was the ender? i didn’t make it that far.


  35. hell yah thats what i like to see good people having a good time, gets me hyped to ride
    p.s connor can film/snowboard better then you @every single person hating


  37. How is it possibly to hate? How can you say get original? everyone sounds so dumb. Everybody knows before hating you where like “damn that was gnarly” then you get on line like a bad ass and act like your shits better. haha who else shits getting them to austria and 40,000? Im sure not you.

  38. no matter how good the edit is, someone on yobeat will find something to hate about it

  39. um.. i wanna hate so bad but i cant. this is really really good.. so many good tricks. its alittle artsy he did a good job using the pink floyd..but connor brown is still alittle turd

  40. haha hi haters, lovin the comments so far. goddamn that edit was good, ender was fucked. songs been used?? yea, fuckin duh. its one of pink floyds best songs and its been around for 30-40 years, so yea its probably been used a million times in boarding, skating, skiing, surfing. who cares? great song, rad edit. good job doods

  41. i get way more pussy than you fools

  42. If you think this edit sucks, you are smoking crystal meth.

  43. all you kids are fags tf is wack as fuck and snowboardings gay as shit bunch of rich kids that couldnt skate and are trying to be somthing they all wish they were FUCK snowboarding!!!!!! mountains and snow and good views are sick thats it why do any of you think cardiel was like fuck this pussy shit i want to taste concrete! so jus a heads up guys hope you all keep snowboarding cuz thats were you guys all belong on the SLOPES ha.

  44. Haha… Hating on rich kids and camera angles what not is always going to happen. Its pretty obvious what kind of people choose too leave dumbass critiques in everyones edit. However, theres really no excuse for the jackass above me to be hating in snowboarding in general… The fuck are you doing here in the first place….

  45. Hey rootz whatever what are you doing on a snowboarding website then. I bet jed anderson or scott stevens is much better at skating than your retarted ass

  46. 35mm adapters,hd,extreme fishguy must be the thing

  47. Damn that was good.

  48. Cameron FUCKIN Gorby everyone. Layin it down and slayin shit!

  49. dom luza mothafucka.

  50. kevin maples style is so fucking ugly


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