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Blake Paul FULL PART

I’m still a little bitter that Blake didn’t put me in his insta-collage from the Banked Slalom, so he’s lucky to be good at boarding. As seen in Manifest — check the full video here.

Filmed by- Sam Tuor, Alex Pashley, TGR, Rich Goodwin, and Chris Cressy

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Comments (25)

  1. i watched this because people with the last name paul see to be blessed with amazing snowboard talent, and i was not disappointed.

  2. B PRODDIII!!!! holy shit. how is this lanky motha fucka so good?

  3. this is really good

  4. suuuch a sick style. that was awesome.

  5. too much powder. not enough rails, dreads, tall tees, or 450s off. did not watch.

  6. why the fuck does every “Paul” kill it?

  7. I suck at my job, i am a hater of everyone. boobeyes is gay

  8. Always excited for Blake’s boardin’. Seriously kills everything.

  9. the ramones are sick

  10. Great style, and refreshing to see a young gun that can ride more than just rails

  11. There were no rails in this and still no hate comments? I can barely believe it. Dude rips, although a front board or two wouldn’t have been a bad thing.

  12. Don’t worry, Brooke. He put me in his collage.

  13. @wat, did you watch the video? he did a blunt sameway and something else i dont care about so stfu

  14. he seems oddly tall…..really good tho

  15. Props for being tall and making it work!!!

  16. Blake rips. It’s crazy that he is 7 ft 6 inches tall, and only 15 years old. I also heard him and Tucker Andrews share the same bed occasionally.

  17. What is that white stuff he’s sliding down, do they have snow guns that make that?


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