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The Beargrounds: Tape 2

These guys ride Bear, and they go fast. Not sure what else ya need to know.

Riders: Keoni Kaimuloa, Jeremy Estorga, Jason Carroll, Jordan Small, Richie Conklin, Erik Leon, Jamie Madrid, Trevor Curran, Robert Toste, Ian Dodds, Stephen Konkler, Brett Wilkinson, Jake Schaible, Andrew Paine, Lenny Mazzotti, and Jimmy Hay.

Shot/Edited by Skyler Riley

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Comments (19)

  1. Agree with fibs, the volume is set too high on the camera or something. Sick riding though!

  2. 2:06 holy mother of all zeachs

  3. You Guys see Johnny O’rav Anderson?

  4. this video > sunday in the park (for the last three years)

  5. alakazam, dumbledore aint got shit on me.

  6. Jeremy Estorga Your Cut……

  7. wait, does Erik Leon ride bear?

  8. My pussysenses are tingling

  9. I like johnny O’rav anderson

  10. johnny o’rav anderson is amazing!! way cooler than any comment i was about to make about that situation goin on there…

  11. johnny o’rav anderson went innnnn on em doe

  12. someones got a lil crush on mike rav..

  13. jonny o’rav anderson. good call. this series doesnt have shit on markass or sunday in the park though

  14. Eww, i didnt like this. The song was pretty much a zeach in itself.


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