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Travis Rice Joins Union

Helicopter rides and 100-foot corkage require serious performance, so Travis Rice is super hyped to be riding some damn strong bindings from here on out. We’d congratulate TRice on the new sponsor, but that seems cliche, so instead we’re going to go ahead and congratulate George for making it happen. Good work George!

Seattle, WA (January 26, 2012)–Union Binding Company is proud to announce the addition of The Art Of Flight mastermind and 2012 Snowboarder Magazine Rider of the Year Travis Rice to the Union Binding team.

One of the most pivotal riders in existence, T.Rice is known for executing impossible tricks in impossible situations and generally just thinking big–both on and off the board. In the past decade, he has diligently brought real freestyle to serious backcountry lines. Rice has driven large-scale concept films like That’s It, That’s All, The Art Of Flight and Supernatural–exposing his own talent and snowboarding as a whole on a bigger stage than ever before. Travis brings envelope-pushing talent and career-defining ingenuity to the Union Binding Family.

Says Rice about the deal, “It’s amazing what Union has been able to achieve in the past eight years. More than just making the best bindings on the market, they have created a successful business with family values. I’m very proud and honored to join the incredible Union team.”

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Comments (11)

  1. dayummmm

  2. ^my thoughts exactly

  3. now union becomes a mainstream, time to find new underrated bindings… great.

  4. I thought I read something about him riding NOW bindings? What bindings was he using before?

  5. @Boom
    Mainstream or not Union has been awesome since day one what did you expect?

  6. @Boom & roadkill – Union been around for 7 years. and theyve been the top selling binding for the past 4years. Union takes up something like 40% of the binding market and then burton comes in 2nd at like 30% or something. Theyve been “mainsteam” for years. I ride unions and have for the past 6 years awesome bindings. EXCEPT for the last 3 or so years i feel like their quality has gone down alot. Mainly im talking about there ratchets. they seem to slip alot when you put to much pressure on them, on the older ones this would never happen so i just put the older ones on and shits all gravy.

  7. boom if you’re serious about now needing to find new underrated bindings, that’s pretty lame.

  8. dlx’s aint too good. i got them and the ratchets slip like crazy. forces are quality though, just gotta spend the skrilla for em

  9. burton still makes a better binding, i mean he rode cartells for the longest time

  10. stokeddd! yeah what bindings was he rocking before?

  11. Also go check out his part in Neverland right now. It is INSANE


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