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Snowboarding is much more than just banger after banger; It’s a journey, it’s euphoria, it’s pain, it’s excitement, it’s fear, it’s meeting new people, it’s sending it, it’s SNOWBOARDING.
-Aaron Robinson

Aaron was always the driving force behind this project. When it seemed like things weren’t gonna work out he always found a way to make it happen. He loved a challenge! I spent this last winter traveling around to many of his favorite places, meeting up with friends, and making some new ones along the way. I feel so lucky to have been able to share such great times with such an amazing person.

When Aaron passed away in Chile this last July it was hard to even think about the movie, let alone sit down and edit hours of his footage from the winter. It wasn’t until Blake Paul sent me an email highlighting the fact that one of Aaron’s goals all season was to get everyone down to Chile and film a segment for the movie that I came to realize something that should have been so obvious. We had to head South and finish what he had started. Although we were physically missing the one person who really should have been on that trip I feel like he was actually with us more than ever. We’ll miss you A-ROB! -Sam Tuor

There will be a “limited” number of DVD’s available through KidsKNOW distribution and some snowboard shops in the near future. It’ll be packed full of Bonus material including Volcom’s “Road Tested-B.C. Action Adventures” episodes. All proceeds will go to The Aaron Robinson Plant A Seed Project.


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  1. I wish I was 1/100th as good at life as Aaron. Incredible work to everyone involved in this movie

  2. Wow. Feel good movie of the year right there. I made me want to ride so much. Aaron was and still is an amazing human being.


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