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The A-ROB Smash Life Banked Slalom, Summit Edition

Following the untimely death of Aaron Robinson this summer, his impact on snowboarding and everyone lucky enough to have known him has been undeniable. This past weekend, friends and family gathered once again, this time at Alpental, Washington to celebrate his life with a Banked Slalom, premiere of Manifest, and oh yeah, a ton of pow. With any event like this, it doesn’t really matter who wins, but here’s the results anyway, as well as a gallery by Adam Ramseth.


1 – Thadius Hukari (53.53)
2 – Marcel Dolak (53.89)
3 – Jacob Krugmire (54.00)
4 – Jay Kelly (54.24)
5 – Michael Anderson (54.83)
6 – Riley Goodwin (55.08)
7 – Paul Stanley (55.28)
8 – Morgan Herbert (55.40)
9 – Daniel Sandberg (55.49)
10 – Nicolas Dometrio (55.54)

1 – Robyn Borneman (1:00.14)
2 – Kayla Kobelin (1:00.85)
3 – Kari Hoss (1:02.28)
4 – Mallary Sullivan (1:03.59)

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Comments (7)

  1. a strong showing for the ladies only 7 seconds off the dudes top time

  2. i witnessed a girl fall 3 times before she even made it to the 3rd corner

  3. that riley goodwin guy had a really good attitude

  4. Hail Satan

  5. Now this is bnow soarding


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