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The Streets Opening Video

Forum Snowboards and Seven Springs Resort invited Yobeat to The Streets opening day bash that took place yesterday. We couldn’t resist. You might have already checked out the photo gallery, but if not, get on it. Forum riders including Cam Pierce, Austen Sweetin, Stevie Bell, and Nico Cioffi were on hand shredding the brand new park inspired by real street features from downtown Pittsburgh, PA.

As soon as the park crew cut the chain and let in the public, the locals destroyed the place (and the place destroyed a few locals). The herd was unleashed, and this is what we captured while trying to dodge skiers, shredders, and loose cannons on the course.

If you haven’t already, check out the photo gallery we shot of the Forum crew the day before the park opened to the public.

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Comments (26)

  1. If you want an authentic street setup, at least smear some dog shit and broken bottles around. .Seems a shame to ruin the look of a mountain….jesus, its like drawing a cock on the mona lisa’s forhead.

  2. @oldtimer yeah a cock on her forehead would ruin the painting, id rather see her gag puking on an 11 incher….

  3. ohhhh no hate on the music? i remember an edit a while back with the same artist and everyone hated that shit.

  4. Forum would be a hell of a lot sicker if it was just Pat Moore, Peter Line, and Austen Sweeten

  5. This setup is pretty gangster, looks super fun