Harsh Times of Real Snow: Dan Brisse

Round two of real snow is underway and Dan Brisse is up against a double-chucking Euro. However, this is by no means the hardest part of the process. Here’s a BTS video of what really went down in the making of Brisse’s video so maybe you’ll be inspired to click over to ESPN and vote for him, or whatever.

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  1. Gerg!
    Gerg! says:

    #1 – Throwing your snowboard always makes me laugh
    #2 – As a rider for a $$loaded$$ company, why not call ahead and get permission? You know Anchorage is in the USA right? You know that lawyers have fucked our country right? I don’t blame the owner of that property for shutting them down. A lawsuit would be the end of him.

    With that said.. Brisse is a damn good snowboarder, just plan ahead buddy!

  2. Buck
    Buck says:

    Nothing but respect for this guy. He may not have the best style but he puts so much fucking work into everything he does. His work ethic is phenomenal and he’s one of the gnarliest boarders on the planet.

  3. Hey Greg
    Hey Greg says:

    You obviously are out doing this stuff everyday, man you know whats up. I got a sweet gap over at Wal-Mart. Let me just call the Manager and see if its cool. Greg you just made my day!

  4. To Admin
    To Admin says:

    I like how you call Halldor a double chucking euro when he does one of the craziest front blunt 270s of all time. I think your taking “making fun of snowboarding” a little too far there. I sense some hate maybe. Making fun of someone isn’t hating on them, you are reminding me of the angry snowboarder.

  5. Yes
    Yes says:

    Halldors Just Stoked on riding and doesnt give a fuck. I have never seen him take anything seriously. His style is for sure a little wack but he loves what he is doing, and its not like he is bad at it..

  6. haaa
    haaa says:

    double chucking euro? so when ryan paul threw a double back in the street you guys were all about it because he isnt euro?

  7. yobeat is the foxnews of snowboarding
    yobeat is the foxnews of snowboarding says:

    “double chucking euro” biased journalism, is and always will be bullshit. way to demonstrate how classless you actually are yobeat…

  8. Derek Weimer.
    Derek Weimer. says:

    Brisse is the fucking man. One of the hardest working riders in the industry. His real snow edit is fire. “pownowkow” Brisse will retire off of his snowboarding skills, don’t be stupid.

  9. Why???
    Why??? says:

    Why does Halldor have wack style? Im pretty sure he does everything amazing. He dresses like Tom Penny, not saying his style is that good, but its like saying Keelan Dadd has bad style. Figure it out kooks.


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