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Terrible Tuesday: Jump Sesh

Don’t be scared because these guys are leaving the ground.

Blaze Kotsenburg, Alex Rodway, Gus Warbington, Alex Sherman, Griffin Siebert, Stevie Bell, Sam Hulbert, and Max Warbington

is pretty.... awesome.
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Comments (20)

  1. What! finally a worthwhile video yobeat! That was dope!

  2. could never get tired of watching Griffin Siebert jump

  3. jumps are cool, but lets be honest who gives a fuck

  4. Gus with the best back one in UT

  5. Back one taipan? Mad mad mad respect.

    This is how you ride jumps folks.

  6. so glad the filmer shuffled forward after they landed, i needed a better view of that knuckle groom.