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Flippin Weekend 3

Don’t be mad, you guys are the ones who told us to post these. And don’t worry, they’ve promise MORE APPLE in the next episode.

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Comments (21)

  1. kid ate so much shit at 1:58 hahahahahahahaah holy mother of god

  2. lamar-j, killing it with those effortless grabs.

  3. really surprised by the one footer

  4. Discovery channel and Rick Ross, that is tight!

  5. This video is like chutney, without apple it sucks.

  6. really disappointed that i sat through that whole edit and apple didnt rap at the end

  7. I download every single one of these in 1080 just incase the apocalypse actually occurs and the internet goes down I’ll have something left to watch to keep my horrible life worth living

  8. i like their outerwear.

  9. the snowboarding is better than the last two

  10. yawn, typical faggots who dont belong in the park, i feel bad for all the kids who have to watch and wait for you kooks to get out of the way….

  11. So dope! keep on keeping it real dudes!

  12. When the sun goes up she got a fat ass choad

  13. the one foot grab was pretty surprising

  14. frickin love boardslide fakies bitch


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