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Travis Rice’s Supernatural is Coming

Red Bull just dropped the official teaser for Travis Rice’s super contest Supernatural, which they’re claiming is the “future of snowboarding competitions.” In the video you’ll see some of the preparations, which include hacking down trees, which seems very anti-future, if you ask us, but what do we know.

Snowboarding legend Travis Rice spent most of his past winters travelling around the globe in the search of the best natural features to perform his breathtaking snowboarding stunts, as one can witness in his latest movie The Art of Flight. For Red Bull Supernatural it was time to switch the strategy and all the preparation and work for this unique snowboarding competition was done during the summer time. The outcome is an ultimate backcountry snowboarding course with more than 100 man-made features located at the Baldface Lodge, Nelson, BC. From February 3-8, 18 of the world’s best snowboarders will be able to ride this dream come true during Red Bull Supernatural…

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Comments (6)

  1. “This is the start of a new future”. Does that even make sense?

  2. i have a boner

  3. You sharpen that chainsaw in super slo mo

  4. these fucking jump drop log gypsy things hes making makes me think…. who is going to even try that.. but i know rice bag will, and shaun white wont.

  5. no fucking way shaun white is showing up to this.

  6. cant wait to watch the comune team ride this


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