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25 Trick Fix with Zack Wilmot

So apparently this barrage of downrail maneuvers at Mt. Snow is some sort of homage to Zack Wilmot’s age, based on the title they gave it. Since we don’t get the joke, we made our own.

Other Riders: Brian Skorupski, Brendan Gouin, Marcus Rand, Ricardo Pereira, Nick Burch, Gus Wing

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Comments (25)

  1. those back to back frontboard 270 zeaches killed it

  2. how old you are is how much the lift ticket cost

  3. sick head bang at :20

  4. one of my friends go in an argument about weed with zack wilmont. funny stuff

  5. Holy shit, was that the man behind the lens I saw with a stylish back lip!?

  6. real sick, not to be racist but is this the same asian kid that was gangster and always used to dance on rails in east coast jams a few years back?

  7. Yeah probably was, used to look like bradshaw. Still a douche too.

  8. yeah wilmont…such a douche an just loves the bong…. for sure on bradshaws dick….right on the nose.

  9. YEAH sick one foot high down rail. Killing the game right here.

  10. jackie be shittin on fools. keepn shit kray

  11. The title isn’t a joke, its just a day where you pay your age for you lift ticket

  12. wow that dude behind at 0:17 is lookin real fresh

  13. suck it rkelly. that old footy proves everything i said u cock blower. crispywhips for lyfe…


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