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Life of Lemi 15: Sugarbush

No hiking. Just boarding.

Riders: Luke Haddock, John Murphy, Jeremy “Lemi” Landy, Tyler Lynch, Yale Cousino and Ralph Kucharek

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Comments (11)

  1. Da Bush is thick this year…with sick rails and riders

  2. pretty sweet bush. i /did not/ actually watch another fucking episode of lemi.

  3. hellyeah! yale crushing it as always.

  4. the jews on his grind, chyea ralph

  5. now that’s making the best of it

  6. winterbush.

  7. luke haddock stole beer from my house. caught him red-handed

  8. did haddock get picked up by t9? he finally moved up from drake i guess

  9. ^still wont give up that shitty tie dye t shirt though.


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