Stumped at Waterville

In the shadows of Loon lies a smaller, mellower and often over looked mountain called Waterville Valley. While it may not lend itself to as many catchy video names, it does have a rope-tow accessed park and Justin Foley was kind enough to make an edit of it.

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  1. DADswag
    DADswag says:

    I like how these kids have internalized the creative and fun style that comes out of the loon area and shit. Keep doin it

  2. TheSWORD!
    TheSWORD! says:

    deff one of my favorite places to ride on the east coast. Always hooking it up with good prices, only $129 for full season park pass, fuck yeah!

  3. b unit
    b unit says:

    nah smalls… it’s michael “squints” paladoris that macks the hot lifeguard.

    WV blows. Loon rocks.

  4. east coast fuk #3
    east coast fuk #3 says:

    couldn’t stop thinking “wow these kids really wish they were rav/rego/dragotta”
    sick edit though

  5. csm
    csm says:

    these kids are fucking sick, and east coast fuk 3, every think that maybe they look up those guys? food for thought, everyone has influences

  6. meat
    meat says:

    it’s good to have influences–you don’t think rav/rego/dragotta looked up to riders like Scott Stevens, Chris Beresford, and Chris Grenier when they were that age?

  7. MattyT
    MattyT says:

    As far as hating on kids for emulating Rav, Rego, Scotty, Grenier, etc: Don’t be upset that Mass. went from being the armpit of snowboarding to producing some of the best styles over the last decade. Keep it up STUMPED.

  8. yoyougotfruit
    yoyougotfruit says:

    Hell yea, Waterville’s awesome, so is Loon. So what we got crazy good guys like rav/dragotta/rego to look up to, they fuckin rip and so do most of the kids around there.

  9. lukemath
    lukemath says:

    Stumped kills it! Good kids having good times. Crazy to think they could be hated on, for looking up to influential riders. Keep doing what you like Stumped.

  10. Ron burgandy
    Ron burgandy says:

    Saw these kids at waterville today they rip so people hatin on them sucka dong piece and actually go ride !!!!

  11. PunkA$$MoFo
    PunkA$$MoFo says:

    Good song. Wack style……….too bad kids cant hardly get down a mtn. on real snow.
    18-20″ stance? Why? To cheat and spin faster? Come on………….if you’re gonna ballerina it up out there—dont be cheatin.

  12. thumbs up
    thumbs up says:

    this sucked. filming was whack, stlye was gay and no probs for pressing the horroskope cheater. But that ollie over the butter box was massive. Where did you get that pop from? Probably your nerdy glasses douche

  13. @punkassmofo
    @punkassmofo says:

    PUNKASSMOFO your just mad cause your not coll enought to ride a 18-20. probably rocking a 26 or sutmhin


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