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Guns and Keystone

Josh Bishop and Kyle Hay get after it at Keystone. If you don’t care about park riding, watch it cause they also shoot guns!

Edit: Colin Walters

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Comments (13)

  1. Ok ok.. I laughed really hard at the Mark Mcmorris video, but did he need to do another one? Wait, what? That wan’t Mark? Ohhh, my bad, sorry.

    Snowboarding’s dichotomy.. lib/greenies and guns, anti-corporate and consuming… oh the ironing (needs to be done)!

  2. It’s like you’ve never seen a gremlinz edit..

  3. hey gerg,

    ok ok, i laughed really hard at your joke, your really funny right….

    wait, what? your not funny at all? your really just a mccmorris cum guzzling cunt? oh yeah thats right

  4. watch back to the boneyard niggaz been into gunz since day one, hobos be doin it big

  5. these dudes are pretty sick

  6. fuck yeah i cant wait to take a gun to the mountain next time i go

  7. fuckin fagets

  8. Oh yeah, John Jackson just got a new gun for Xmas and Kass is firing guns going skeet shootin.
    Lemmings, all of them.
    Its a big high school party and the cool kids are snowboarding!!

  9. We need some on hill gun shots.

  10. Guns are trending for 2012, look for pistols all over the hills this year.


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