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Mark McMorris Goes Hesh

Looks like the king of triple corks is trying to appeal to you jerks.

one of the founders of the internet.
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Comments (99)

  1. Still can’t do rail tricks though? Y U mad tho?!?!

  2. hes wearing oakley shades. minus 12 hip points

  3. I feel like I’ve just watched half the edits from 2011….

  4. Mark should click on pentagram butthole and check out the steezy pic I found for him.

    You gay.

  5. The sad thing is he can’t even do half the tricks he’s trying to make fun of

    Stick to jumps Matt Mcmorris

  6. haha suckers!, the edgy kids are to edgy to made fun of?? i think not..

  7. Muuark you should stick to the gymnastics side of snowboarding where the jocs belong. 3 corks fa lyfe!

  8. glad he had a candygrind mask on. nothing says gay like that

  9. that was awesome, anyone hating on that is a butt hurt fag

  10. I don’t like the .com bit at the end but otherwise, awesome!

  11. About time some dissed on Jed’s wack ass style. His shits weak!

  12. Why is there a GoPro ad on this page? Cmon YoBeat you know better than that.

  13. hahah that was so good

  14. I put GO!pro in my ass cavity and film me getting AIDS when I go to Vaseline alley.

  15. everyone knows the quarterback is supposed to be the most loved, the unanimous homecoming king, but for some reason all the girls want to party with guys in the rockband smoking ciggys under the bleachers.

    this video, although kind of funny, def made me feel like someone is having acceptance issues with the cool kids in school

  16. Aw, you guys are mad.

    The best part of that video was the whole damned thing.

  17. so good. too many Jed wannabees nowadays. go to the site Mcmorris does it all…rides rails better then 99% of you who really do look like you think you are “a skateboarder trapped in a snowboarders body.”

  18. yo that was a good dis! i hate people who snowboard in pajamas.

  19. Hahaha this is really good. Sure there that new trend that might be wack to some people but its just snowboarding, have fun! nobody should hate the styles within snowboarding it’s just what ev. I must say this is so perfect, that typical mid west hill with the “fuck it” attitude, haha it’s great. And for sure way to much people are sweatin Jed but you cant say hes not good!

  20. They’re just all bummed because they can’t make fun of him cuz they don’t know how to hit jumps.

  21. Really Yobeat.. Yr Claiming Hesh on this.. Jesus im so surprised Nick lipton didn’t post this. You really need to stop blowing it and just have Pat run this whole thing. pay him whatever he wants im losing my favorite snowboard site!

  22. He made fun of rail kids…. by acting like someone that rail kids would make fun of.

  23. From an old dude, I’d like to thank this young dude for calling out his contemporaries. I think their styles are horrible, but I’m not allowed to say anything because I’m too old. Bravo to this dude, even if he’s a Canadian jock.

    Great vid.

  24. Churrboi your a fucking retard. It was all a joke pull your cock out of your ass and dont get overexcited about an edit thats a joke and the obvious joking title to go with it. Its obviously not hesh and any jock bitch ass faggot like yourself should be able to figure that one out.

  25. i agree this was a good poke at the majority of “hesher” or “alternative” type snowboarders out there but what alot of overpriveleged energy drink sponsored fuckos dont understand is most kids are just trying to make the best of what they have; which isnt 60′ jumps and perfect parks residing two minutes from their parents mansion. tuck knees arent a fashion statement. their just a fun trick.

  26. the shitty rick ross was perfect


  28. @ Dylan Trewin- the only one getting overexcited is you there guy, why dont you go take another steroid? Its a Joke? is that a rhetorical question you idiot? Yr apparently new to this site cause you would know how much nick lipton blows it. So get it with it and get lost pheasant.

  29. im going to make a video that makes fun of them doing triple corks, using science and lots of lube.


  31. broboarders butt hurt they aint got steeze haha no but sreiosly get these chads longboards and muscle shirts asap! triple corks for life yoo

  32. and hes jus a fag stuck in a fags body.

  33. this is totally retarded, what if a rail kid would do an edit with the fucking weekend warrior clothes on and with helmet and oakley goggles over it hitting the jump and saying “i think i need more trampoline practice on this double corks” or stuff like that. stupid. i respected mcmorris for amazing gym skills he has but after this i think he is a total jerk

  34. They’re from Saskatchewan, cherokey. They didn’t hit jumps everyday growing up. Sure, they have super supportive parents, but they still took advantage of what they were given. They’re good because they skateboard and wake board as well.

  35. hahahaha of corse he’s good at wakeboarding. ^
    argument finished

  36. Welcome to Saskatchewan! If you’re complaining about a lack of snow, look at the barren hills around him. Pretty sure this footage is some Xmas break stuff. Man made errything. I’m assuming that’s Mission Ridge.

  37. @ Butch- How does skateboarding help you do triple corks or even jump for that matter?

  38. great now i have to switch up my style again….mom is gonna be pissed this is getting expensive!

  39. hahahahahaha!! MM nailed it!! classic clown!! i wish i thought of it first……im just stuck.with chuckling to myself when i see this type of shred clique on the hilll..but as hilarious as it is…they are atill having fun!!! even though its freaking HILARIOUS!!!! the stance made me sick to my stomach….lmao!!!

  40. mark mcmorris is so right. i have now decided to turn from my heathen ways and embrace technine and trash bag pants. i was so wrong. im ashamed…

  41. Mark can ride rails better then anyone who commented on this. He is also unarguably on of the best jump riders around. Snowboarding is about fun, look at Craigs stance im not saying skinny stances are bad butttt his is fucking hilarious. Go back to TRANSWORLD you haters. Do a triple then you can call it gay.

  42. yeah, Mark kills it so hard at rails, you are fucked if you think he doesn’t, you don’t know

  43. Jed is the only kid that rides like this that is any good.

  44. anyone hating on skinny (normal) (shoulder-width) stances needs a history lesson. All Hail Cardiel

  45. mark mcmorris gives me smooches when i demand them

  46. after reading most of the comments i think mark acomplished what he set out to do. good shit mcmorris…

  47. ^
    don’t call me by my first name little BITCH

    slopestyle RULES

    i hate niggers

  48. so many of you just trolled so hard.

  49. half the kids that try to be a skateboarder trapped in a snowboarders body dont even skateboard hahahaha

  50. these rail kids didn’t know how to kickflip so they got mommy and daddy to buy a mntn pass and steezy gear so they could skateboard vicariously through snowboarding

  51. hahahahaha that was hilarious, but really these dudes are such kooks.

  52. fuck anyone who hates on kids who hit jumps and fuck kids who hate on rails as long as you got your boots straped into them bindings its all good. plus fuck jumps or rails when u can cruise through that BC powww

  53. snowboarders with there own personal websites..

  54. @bleh, dont try to steal my name ya markass biotch. and for my comment: “shit this is what shaun whites been doing for the past couple years!” seriously, fuck gymnastics.

  55. at the end of the day, he makes more money than all of us. you can hate all you want, it doesn’t mean shit to him. HA so keep hating. he’s better than you. get over it.

  56. Bahahahaha! This kid is hilarious!

  57. back 3 on, back 5 out… DAMNNN

  58. You have to admit, it is pretty funny how his hat just says “FUCK” on it.

  59. theyre simply trying to show you the ill tricks of the now. and yea mark mcmorris is leagues better then anyone checking out this page. go gettum mark

  60. The flamers are up in arms over this! Haha yes

  61. Keep smelling your jock strap and jerking off to the number of views on your website. If the riding is solid fucking hate on someone’s style of clothing kook? Snowboarding needs less of you.

  62. ha ha too funny looks like brighton gypsys

  63. fucking hilarious.
    i want that hat.

  64. YoBeat is the new Transworld. I used to come here to see vids up and coming kids and little street edits. Now the comment boards are full of trash like this. Ever since they hired jerm I knew the site was fucked.

  65. funny accept if you have you’re own website you clearly have a giant ego.

  66. Wow Mark, was this necessary? How about some originality? There was no taste to this and you’ve successfully partook in a generic edit with obvious stabs at a bunch of people that aren’t going to vote for your ass in the Riders Poll. And you clearly bit on Torstiens Tall T edit when he was pushing his wompy, website just like you’re doing. Bro up Chad… I mean Mark.

  67. down with snowboarding in jeans!… I mean really, is it so hard to wear outerwear? since when was being comfortable the devil?

    I gotta give McMorris so many mad mad props on this hater video.
    Good god, that way funny.
    Lets hope these little punks get the message and put a decent width stance on your board so you can actually ride down the hill and be in control. And lets hope these fools look at this and go, oh $hit, wait a minute—thats me and my friends! Yeah, we dont have a super kicker to hit, but we dont have to slide slip rails and boxes and dress like idiots with poorly grown facial hair and tight jeans.
    Oh man, too funny.
    Here’s a real rider just DISSING an entire segment of the snowboard world! HAHhahahaha
    I bet he gets a reprimand letter from Burton!

  69. why is being able to do a tripple cork an insult? id call him a fuck for not doing them to avoid offending you faggots on here. personally grabbing your board mid rail or wallying into something is a whole lot gayer than a flip and spin. and at least have your stances past shoulder width people, you will be able to do more and spreads em out good for you fudge packers, so you’ll really like it

  70. and craig, stop trying to fool everyone, your just a canadian fuck

  71. you know you stance is tight when you do a nine off a side hit..

  72. Vote for me Bode Merrill –rider of the year. I promise to rub it in JP’s face. Harsh Zeach Don! Whiney bitch…….

  73. Best edit since torsteins gangstah edit. Keep it real, halloween costumes for days

  74. Waittttt a second…is this whole thing a crack at those unfortunate enough to have lactose intolerance??? You know, dairy products just don’t agree with some people, no reason to make fun of them for having to go the Soy route instead of a typical latte. This is very disrespectful, the lactose-intolerated community is very disappointed. Great snowboarding though!

  75. Clowning the way it was meant to be done. This was great.

  76. He’s riding for Capita now right? I think that’s the moral of the story here.

  77. wow, looks like he takes enough time out of his day to hate on other riders who don’t say shit about his triple corks. well done mark, youre wasting time hating on people when you should be making those triple corks look more like Torsteins


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