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The Beargrounds Tape One

You know there’s something wrong in the world when Bear Mountain has more snow than the Northwest (although that’s about to change!) Anyway, we’re glad to see these guys are enjoying it.

Riders: Jeremy Estorga, Stephen Konkler, Robert Toste, Dorian Rosecrans, Erik Leon, Pat Garvin, Ryan Irvin, Casey Wrightsman, Jimmy Hay, Richie Conklin, Jason Carroll, Kyle Irvin, Keoni Kaimuloa, Jake Schaible, Ian Dodds, and Jordan Small.

Shot/Edited by Skyler Riley.

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Comments (17)

  1. I like to stick my finger in my butt when I jerk off. Then I cum onto my snowboard and wax it in, don’t scrape. Come at me

  2. fuck i want to shred bear at least once this year.

  3. This is gonna be a tight series

  4. when back 3 on is the first trick you know its gunna be a sick edit

  5. Wow! I just watched the Lucas Debari bit—aka real snowboarding. Then, I tuned into this garbage. Skinny stanced bozos, tight clothing, flippedy dippedy do dah with their snowboards cause they cant do these tricks on their skateboards (if they even skate) on rails 3 feet in the air. MIND BLOWING.
    This is snowboarding? This is the best riding going down—these goons can hardly turn a board!
    Please make it fucking stop.
    Bear Mtn = shitshow.
    Oh man, who eats this shit up?
    Real snowboarders? Hmmmm, no.

  6. scumb, can you do us all a favor and lick dis butthole of mine?
    and then shut the fuck up

  7. Real snowboarders ride mtns…..plain and simple. This is pseudo-skating, a weak ass alternative to the real deal. I understand that its a skill set that’s more easily obtainable by the masses of kiddies out there and is much easier to learn than the real thing.
    Go ahead, call your self a snowboarder if this is what you love to do and your ideal mtn is Bear Mtn not Baker or Snowbird or Kirkwood –but dont for a minute believe you are a real rider of mtns.

  8. i thought snowboard was suppose to be fun? who cares what terrain you ride, its not like we’re doing something important like curing cancer.

  9. yes southern california is an ideal place for backcountry lucas comes here all the time to ride our pillow lines

  10. scumb is a fucking moron.

  11. @scumb theres all sorts of diffrent people and riding and styles out there just cuz these kids dont like riding big mountains or backcountry and wearing under armor and shot gunning red bulls and wear oakley and burton doesnt mean shit get over yourself and realize you suck at life in general. and its funny cus ill admit i rock tight pants and a smaller stance and claim skating before snowboarding but thats cuz i am a skateboarder who just started snowboarding a couple years back but ill still make fun of kids like that foshoo cuz have of them really dont skate and just wanna suck jeds dick and are little rich white kids bumpin lil wayne and shit, but these dudes rip period .just as much as your favorite big mountain rider does just diffrent riding thats all there still strapped in on top of snow ha lets see sum average random powder rider shred big bear the way these kids do…………………………………………blue waffles for breakfest eeeerey day


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