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Christmas at Elm

Just a good ol’ fashioned Christmas shred day in the Midwest.

Riding: Billy Bottoms, Jake Braseth, Jesse Paul, and Matt Hoyt
Edit: Lucas Thompson

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Comments (17)

  1. what does CA stand for? california??? beeeeeuuuuutiful

  2. thats not RP’s brother. jesse kills

  3. christmas is over, time to paint that rail?

  4. Lucas Thompson is super experimental.

  5. god damn, that experimental comment is so on point. I can’t believe how experimental/college Lucas Thompson is.

  6. the film burns were so cinematic and orig

  7. I’ve been called the martin scorsese of my generation.

  8. tow ropes are for poor people

  9. hahah I wouldn’t have it any other way


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