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The Best of Terrible Tuesday 2011

What started as a video series based on bad ideas has somehow continued for almost three years. For the most part we just get the leftovers from Pat’s better paying jobs, but every once in a while, he drops some real gold. Here are five of those times from the past 12 months.

#1. Dirks vs. MaryGuenn

#2 Scott Stevens

#3 Camera Men Gone Wild!

#4 Jed Anderson

#5 Eat at Spedelli’s

is pretty.... awesome.
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Comments (10)

  1. Dirks aint afraid to crack a chick ova duh head with a 40oz bottle

  2. # 1. Dont fight dick nicks he will kick ur ass.
    # 2. Switch backtail to switch
    # 3. Office Space song is banger.
    # 4. Simpsons shirt as a face mask, G!
    # 5. Good Pizza, Good People!
    # 6. You forgot about Justin Kenistons terrible tuesdays
    # 7. Pat posted this! Start posting more.. everyone else blows it besides you. Yes Nick Lipton you Blow it.

  3. saw dirks on mississippi the other day. forgot how short that dude is in real life.

  4. what about the deep fry with fisher?

  5. Fuck you Jerm!

  6. dude riding the pickle in the cameraman edit had a meannnn method

  7. Spedellis is sooooo brooo braaahhhhh. Still love it though.


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