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Under Review: Dakine Baron Mitts

We sent a big package of gloves to Minnesota to undergo the ultimate glove test: the Hyland Hills rope tow. The Dakine Baron mitt is up first, and as you’ll soon see, may be tough to beat.

Edit: Jacob Durham
Tester: Travis Peterson

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Comments (19)

  1. this kid is so fat

  2. ya he may be fat, but i bet he was a way smaller dick than all of you

  3. fuck yeah jeff. bout it bout it. JD SCUM

  4. Did he eat the gloves afterwards?

  5. I like to fart in my gloves and then put them on. That way my hands smell like farts instead of sweat when I take them off. I like farts…farts are good.

  6. THAT DUDE REALLLLLLL BIGGGGG. travis for prez