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It’s The Flippin’ Weekend

After a bitter rejection last week, the kids who brought you Flippin’ Weekend are back with Flippin’ Weekend #2. The snowboarding is still terrible, but the fat kid raps and we think they’re actually pretty funny and might be on to something, so we’re featuring this one. However, as a special Christmas Eve gift to you, the nerd and/or non Christmas celebrator who is looking at this site on Christmas Eve, you get to decide the fate of the rest of the yet-to-be-made episodes of Flippin’ Weekend.

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Comments (32)

  1. Where in colorado is this? Jesus looks like the midwest

  2. colorado sucks a fat one, but these kids are alright

  3. get apple a contract, internet gold.

  4. I voted yes because that black kid is fuckin sick, he knows just what to say when he’s filming

  5. lamar-j comin through like always

  6. this and hobo are the only good things to ever come out of colorado. feature them!

  7. I like how you guys throw these kids up after featured the edit you said should have been rejected from the rejected edits. Get off their dicks do your own thing.

  8. Didn’t know a chairlift could support Rosie O’Donnel’s weight.

  9. apple may be large, but no where close to rosie. good try though!

  10. The fat kid can drive? Since when do they give licenses to 12 year olds?

  11. guys!! hes not fat, hes just big boned!!

  12. the only thing that actually makes me mad about this is the fact that a kid named t-diggy has that gnarly hoodie and i don’t.

    get of change that tape’s dick though, forealz.

  13. hahaha this is awesome! they’re hilarious!

  14. i love that apple kid. less boarding and more of him and the black kid

  15. finally finished episode one, as long as these keep having shots of scopies eating fries in the lodge and lamar-j being black, give em lonnie!

  16. That tall white dude is awesome!

  17. just hit the number 3 over and over while you’re watching this

  18. hahahah comment 9 is so on point. these videos are pretty rad, id rather watch these than almost anything else that gets posted on here

  19. A reminder of how snowboarding is fun for everyone..

  20. The fucking black kid is just copying tyler the creator. Or do all black people just talk the same?

  21. Where is T-diggy from? Actually looks like he has some good talent.

  22. Flippin bird motha fuckass. Apple is a baws!

  23. this was alright on rejected edits…. but never ever ever fucking ever do this again…. unless youre gonna through them in every rejected edits… but a feature??? no… just no….

  24. 10X the swag of markass mondays

  25. im pretty shocked this got good feedback. but i gotta say it was funny. and t-diggy might get good one day

  26. is that kid even old enough to drive?


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