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The Motherfucking Mountain Man

Edit by Patrick Wieland

Yo my wiggas and my wiggaets, after a fucked up preseason intern fiasco we decided to cut ties, kill da kid and move on to a whole new tip. That tip is the mother fucking mountain man, Justin Leveille. Welcome him to the Yobeat world with all the hate comments you can conjure. Holla!

Every word in this post-even those based on real people-are entirely fictional. The quotes might be bullshit too.
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Comments (26)

  1. why would anyone want to intern here? like whats the point? might as well intern at a gas station, at least you will get a minimum wage job out of it in the end

  2. (::| |::). hey look I made a bandaid.

  3. hey, that was so some pretty clever wording there son.
    do you know the eminem?
    i hear he does that kind of stuff, too


  5. that was terrible.

  6. Killa killa! you so illa! ima smoke a philla, keeps it real in the SSckilla, ya mean? Bruddaman you are brilla

  7. personally i would select an intern based on their cooking skills.

  8. I can cook some damn good eggs, hire me now.

  9. Where is Pat? This site is blowing it these days.

  10. Oh my craw that was beakulous!!

  11. It’s already time for the YoBeat Official Rap Battle: Mountain Man vs. Logy B


    Young Mountain Baby’s got bars!

  13. Dat Nigga is wack. you feel me, fo sho do

  14. just wait till the snake files part 1 drops

  15. BRING IT

  16. i thought patrick weiland was a wakeboarder, he should do funny edits more often

  17. you remind me of a fucking inbred

  18. I’d intern here. I didn’t watch the video though yet so I might regret that statement.

  19. Hinty is taking loads from that Motherfucking Mountain Man!


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