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Terrible Tuesday: More Park City!

Alex Sherman, Blake Geis, Scotty Arnold, Brandon Hammid, Zak Hale, Griffin Siebert, Scott Stevens, and Bode Merrill check in from Park City.

is pretty.... awesome.
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Comments (18)

  1. this was pretty sick but transworlds edit was a lil more heaty. i guess yobeat gets the sloppy seconds

  2. this was alex andrews part in variety pack.. comeon yobeat.

  3. scott stevens? scott stevens!!!

  4. how could you dislike the first comment

  5. vanilla geis geis baby

  6. poop dung poops or should I say, matt.

  7. scotty arnold: they’re called overcroocks for a reason

    bode: soggy crail, did you mean to grab your vagina?

  8. Corona in a can? Wow, real cool guys. My crew only drinks PBR, get on our level.


  10. fuck you utah, we get it, you have snow and the east coast is dryer than oprah’s big ol’ vajayjay.

    just kidding, i enjoyed this video.

    but seriously…it’s some bullshit.


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