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Bundy’s B Roll

Ted Borland is tall. So stop using that as your excuse. Here’s is B footy from the making of Ransack Rebellion.

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Comments (10)

  1. damn that wallie pop into the wall was awesome

  2. Meh

  3. i’m tall and my name isn’t ted borland. that’s a pretty good excuse

  4. awful editing, song was super gay, lots of the filming was poops, and you make him look like he can’t shot gun a beer.
    Why you gotta make him look all gay like dat, he’s so damn good.

  5. whats he riding a 150? that shits tiny

  6. i remember my first snowboard….

  7. ransack rebellion was sick as fuck, think thank goes hard… also bricksquad youre obviously retarded if his board looks too small youre probably 5ft 7 and riding a 162, why would he want a giant deck for riding rails?

  8. I think hes around 6’2-6’4

  9. haha why the fuck are you idiots disagreeing with #4? everythign is true, song was gay as fuck, editing was shit, that shotgun clip was embarassing

    stop dick riding


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