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Rejected Edits

The quality of snowboarding, filming and editing that is continually being submitted to Yobeat even now after months and months of rejections is appalling. You all should be ashamed of yourselves. And during the holidays, no less!

Coyote Clan Whistler Blackcomb

Grade: C-
Thank you for letting everyone know if they ever want to watch poorly filmed snowboarding they can just track down your clan. Got those real sick angles on your crooks and slippery susan outs. The black flash breaks are a nice touch too.


Grade: B-
I appreciate you not trying to dupe anyone into watching your edit by just coming right out and titling it “corrugated.” It’s not bad trickery, but it’s still two minutes on a tiny tube.

Nubs Nob

Grade: C
Your park may have received the prestigious top 3 in the Midwest from some mag we don’t care about, I’m not sure how it looks like a hole, but your riding most certainly is not top 3.

Bart Patitucci Season Edit

Grade: D
Get ready to sit back and watch five minutes of some guy you don’t know talk about his experience with an injury like he’s the first and only person to ever get hurt and have to recover. If you can get through all that and the dog/cat/cooking/girlfriend footage there is snowboarding to watch. But it’s not worth waiting for.

Back Yard Shredigans

Grade: F
You guys should hit up the people who made last Rejected Edits “turkey day shred.” You’re on their level.

Artside Brighton Opening

Grade: B+
It was pretty good. But then it didn’t get any better and just kept playing. The wall ride shot at 1:57 was real sick though.

Kotcast on ice

Grade: D
If you had just filmed that first snowboarder you might have not been rejected. But you didn’t so you are. Kotcast just can’t seem to break through into the featured edits.

Flipping weekend #1

Grade : F-
This one should be rejected from the rejected edits.

Shred or Die

Grade: D
Cut the snowboarding and save this edit for the summer when we post skate content. You might have a chance then.

Brighton got ya hooked

Grade: C-
Yawn. Another sub par Brighton edit.

Its snowboarding ep.3

Grade: D
Step 1: go buy amped 2. Step 2: stop snowboarding. It will make you and everyone else that has to currently watch you snowboarding happier. You will get to actually do all the moves you want in the privacy of your own home. You must have known this was coming. Why else would you go and make a forum thread about it.

Baker Cruizin

Grade: C-
This is a good edit for Gives your potential matches a look into your lifestyle and ample amounts of shots of your face.

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Comments (74)

  1. Corrugated > anything jerm has put out ever

  2. At least the only content on this site sponsored by saga is shitty snowboarding.

  3. do people actually send all of these or do you just find them and ruin peoples lives? jerm sucks

  4. STUMPED. edits are better than 90% of the bullshit on this website.

  5. that artside brighton edit was sick.
    drew eflin is really good.

  6. Jerm I see you at Brighton all the time let’s see some footy…

  7. jerm stiks his finger in his butthole then smells it

  8. There’s no way that little fat kid is old enough to drive. And just because you ride a Capita doesn’t make you Scott Stevens. Doneventry

  9. the fat kid..

  10. please tell me how the artside edit was rejected…….

  11. didn’t even send in my brighton got ya hooked video? do i care what yobeat or jerm thinks of it? HAH THATS FUNNY. thanks for the views fuckers

  12. but seriously how in the world can you reject the artside brighton edit…

  13. ^simply put, you are a retard.

  14. It’s Jerms job to hate on you, why yall hatin?

  15. ALL SO BAD. but great for the same reason.

  16. The flippin bird edit was so fucking terrible that it was amazing. i want to see more of the fat kid.

  17. that flipping bird video shows me that there is actually hope left for colorado. none of you reading this are going to make it to the x-games, so just have fun boarding

  18. nothings cool then doing drifts in a honda element just so badass


  20. i love how the fat kid in flipping weekend overshadows the fact that the black kid totally took a skiier out while sketchily riding away from that box, shit brought a smile to my face

  21. Corrugated has better editing / riding / song that most of the amateur bullshit out there. Rick Ross is cool, but I dont like to hear his songs in every single edit I watch.

  22. 6 smoking shots in a row in the first video, no wonder they are having trouble getting their tricks

  23. wow who ever does this is a real hater

  24. the black kid probably wouldnt have ruined that skiier had theyre not been tons of lets just call them “retards” standing around on both sides of the landing of the easiest park box, and had the skiier not been tryin to turn the park into a slalom course like every other dipshit or dildo snowdad who cant ride but wants to pass by the features and imagine what itd be like to have balls or the skill to actually do a trick…

  25. Chererth to haters black kids fat kids and everyone in between cuz y’all fuckin suck

  26. I would kick the shit out of the fatass kid in Flipping weekend #1

  27. artside wasn’t reject worthy

  28. not entirely sure why you rejected half of these, the brighton edit was better than most of the shit you post. you guys are elitiest as fuck sometimes and its destroying the original reason i started looking at yo beat. your for the snowboarders by the snowboarders vibe is getting destroyed and websites like strpd up are gonna get better and better and replace you guys. if i wanted to see product placement out the butt and videos only from a select crowd i can just go to snowboarder mag or some shit. get your shit together and stop being a bunch snobby ass d bags who r singlehandedly destroying the grass roots vibe snowboarding is supposed to have you guys are humongous hypocrites and have become the people you used to shit on. fire your whole staff you guys suck

  29. you know whats more hilarious than the flipping weekend edit? all these idiots getting butt hurt that their video is part of rejected edits. when my video made rejected edits i laughed at what jerm had to say, who gives a shit man. quit taking yourself so seriously.

  30. honestly, after this im never coming onto yobeat again. This site is just stupid and is just hating on everything snowboarding. you know I met the girl that created this website and I thought she looked like a bitch and I guess she is for letting some 30 year old man Jerm, to hate on kids just having fun, but whatever, its cool to be a dickwade these days…..

  31. BAHAHA ^ oook “lady snowboarder” – you go ahead and side-slip off this site … but before you go, read the yobeat slogan: making fun of snowboarding since 97. dummy.

  32. The ‘Bart Patitucci Season Edit’ wasnt horrific…just fuckin get rid of the first 2:45!!!…damn

  33. vagina [vəˈdʒaɪnə]
    n pl -nas, -nae [-niː]
    1. (Life Sciences & Allied Applications / Anatomy) the moist canal in most female mammals, including humans, that extends from the cervix of the uterus to an external opening between the labia minora

    Incase any of you guys forgot.

  34. the nubs nob video was an embarassment to michigan

  35. artside was the SHITTT. I bring my ipad to the mtn so i can watch it riding crest, Bitch WHAAAA

  36. put jerm back in jail WHERE HE BELONGS

  37. Motherfucker’s name was clearly apple

  38. haha yes i made it, my life is complete

  39. wow yo beat this is bullshit these are goods videos (mostly) fuck you

  40. hey positive reinforcement, this isnt a user submit/upload site. if all you want to do is mindlessly watch snowboarding videos and strokes some dudes backyard boarding bone with your bullshit comment be my guest.

  41. I’ve known Jerm for a while, he’s a douche. However, he’s not entirely wrong. What he has failed to come up with in his critique is that most of these edits are too long and contain way more filler than a Boston Creme donut. Let’s face it, if you don’t want to be on rejected edits, condense your edits to 30 seconds of the dopest footy you got. The Brighton Artside edit was dope, it got a B+. If it had been any better (ie shorter and not so many repeat tricks) it would have received an A and there fore not been “rejected.” Also, the “Corrugated” edit, received a B-. If the same tricks had been done on something of some consequence, it too may also have received and A and hence forth gotten some respect. And lets face it, this day and age, corrugated has proven no more or less difficult than your average tube. So people, get your panties out of a bunch, film some shit that’s entertaining and challenging and then let Jerm have at it. I’ll back what he can do on a snowboard, I know he’s eaten shit harder than most of the punks in these edits, and he hasn’t done half of the tricks that these people have. None the less, when push comes to shove, Jerm will put you fools in your place, and keep it real.

  42. jerm is a BOSS, but artside definantly shouldnt have been rejected. and the other brighton edit wasnt as terrible as it was made out to be, id have gave it a B no pun intended. and we’re all entitled to our opinions… “make fun of snowboarding” if you cant take shit dont talk shit that is all.

  43. Keep doing what makes us all laugh, you are hilarious!

  44. Boo friggity hoo to all the cry babies

  45. Artside was great for the first 10 seconds with all the pretty pictures and filters. quality dropped soon after when the clueless filmer started waving his fisheye around like a moron. be gentle and steady with that thing and stop showing redundant tricks. I think Jerm’s grade of a B+ was generous. It deserved a C flat

  46. Hey i am the last kid in the flippin weekend video. I also edited it. Its cool if you all wanna hate but when it comes down to it, snowboardings all about fun. Thats what we wanted to show in this video, watch an airblaster movie for christ sakes. They arent doing the gnarliest shit but they are having fun. Grenier posted it on changethattape because it made him laugh and that was the whole point. Keep an eye out for the next video. And for the record, the kid driving the car is 17 and hes fucking awesome.

  47. wow some of these would even get ripped apart on newschoolers. also.. isn’t saga a ski brand? what’s going on with you snowboarders? too much mountain dew?

  48. i didnt know i got a shot in the flippin weekend video

  49. the Baker video took a horrifying turn around 2:30

  50. weed

  51. As the “fat kid” in the flipin bird video i would like to apologize. I am sorry that our video was not sequel to the art of flight, or that it did not include a link to the site were you can all buy you giant ass dildos.

    But making that video was fun as shit!

    and the comments are funny as hell.

    this web site is not a self help seminar. Its a place to read funny ass comments.

    So keep doing what you do best!

  52. hey, “Hot Toddy” actually it’s youbeat makeing fun of snowboarding not yobeat hating on snowboading…..dummy

  53. what do you think making fun of someone means? now change the word someone to snowboarding. now get off this site.

  54. whoever put bart patitucci’s video in here is a dumbass. the title was “season edit” not “weekend edit”, so when he talks about his injury and rehabilitating, it’s just another part of his season.

  55. Jerms just mad cause B pat’s out there shreddin and havin fun while he’s just a bitter tool behind a desk

  56. Fuck Obama, Apple for President!

  57. damn those guys in the first edit think that they are the shit. We get it dudes, you smoke weed, so your automatically cool.

  58. i’d hate to be backyard boxrails right now…

  59. the coyote clan one was from posted on youtube last march. what the hell

  60. the coyote clan totally poached the name from mn coyotes

  61. apple and his crew are hilarious, but he basically impersonated grenier, scotty stevens, and mike rav throughout the whole thing


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