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Real Snow: Take 2

The coolest thing the X Games has done in years is back and this year, they even picked a solid rider list. Amazing. Watch the teaser and get super psyched! The first edit will drop Jan 10.

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Comments (12)

  1. where’s trjj? JP? Huot? Can’t they sign on any legit riders? straight bullshit

  2. i hope “cooper thomas” is being sarcastic, if not, you are retarded.
    This rider list looks fucking awesome, Jeds gonna take home that skrilla

  3. Damn, Scott, Jed, Bode, Halldor

    Should have kept JP tho so him and Bode coulda battled it ouy

  4. i’m callin bode’s got gold, jed silver, and halldor bronze

  5. nic and pat gonna throw down bigtime in the calling bode on gold nic on silver and jed on bronze

  6. if were calling it,

  7. More like atcha boy scotty steves is gonna take this shit

  8. cant wait to watch 8 video parts ruined

  9. I think that you all are underestimating Pat Moore in the streets… if the setups anything like last year, its def going to favor Pat, Bode, Nic, Brisse.


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