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Copper Grand Prix 2011 Results and Video

Lest we not forget the other half of snowboarding, the real contest season kicked off this weekend at Copper mountain with the 2011 U.S. Grand Prix of Snowboarding. The halfpipe finals are done, and the moral of the story is three double corks and a 1260 will only get you second place. Full results:

Women’s Halfpipe final results

1 Kelly Clark 92.60
2 Maddy Shaffrick 86.80
3 Queralt Castellet 84.80
4 Kaitlyn Farrington 81.40
5 Holly Crawford 76.20

Men’s Halfpipe final results

1 Luke Mitrani 96.40
2 Louie Vito 95.20
3 Greg Bretz 94.20
4 Ryo Aono 92.00
5 Christian Haller 91.00

Paul Mitchell Progression Session

1. Brooke Voight
2.Cheryl Maas
3. Ty Walker


1. Yale Cousino
2. Eric Beauchemin
3 Johan Owen

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