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Roxy Refreshments: Robin Van Gyn

Roxy team rider Robin Van Gyn is a backcountry powerhouse. She rides hard, falls hard, and has fun doing it. See the fruits of her labors during the 2010/11 winter season. Aaaah refreshing, or something.
Roxy Snow.

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  • Lucifer

    Imma bend that bitch over backwards

  • chris

    thats whats wrong with guys watching girls snowboarding, like really? you see a good looking women and immediately think about how you gonna fuck her? she was a good rider and attractive so the first thing you think is to comment about it

  • ^

    … DUH

  • iceoast

    She coached at SASS when I was there. Chick can shred

  • advanced healing bandaid

    bitches rippin and tearin

  • Dunfee

    Chea Robin, chea. Da boss.