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Terrible Tuesday: A Moment at the Bonezone

Double A Sameway, Bundy, The Bone, Mr. Spedelli, Grendys, Sean Allen Black, and Cam Pierce with a few moves up at the zone.

Want more Bonezone? Go watch Grendy’s full part on

is pretty.... awesome.
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Comments (13)

  1. That video was fucking perfect

  2. Wow……….mindblowing. I thought that art of flight was groundbreaking…………nah. Jib flicks from some patch in the woods…..thats the real goods! Hahaha Also, these guys need more flannels! more flannels! more flannels!

  3. I feel sorry for these poor urchins, it seems none of them own a jacket

  4. i had no idea grand funk railroad was back together again? I thought they disbanded in 76? this is great news…great news. Farner you should of never gone solo and should really think of naming your band something other than N’rg. name is stupid. but great new none the less.

  5. That switch hardway bs 270 was cray

  6. These bonezone edits make me feel like its Christmas everyday.
    Lemme make a shoutout to santa, for being a god damn boss.

  7. we should star calling this the “BLOWN ZONE”

  8. bundy’s tallness makes his flannel count for at least 3


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