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Firing Squad: Chris Fellner vs Jason Tackitt

Do we have a zuper zany, off the wall photo battle for you this week! Not only are both of these riders literally going off walls, but Nick Visconti is dressed up for the occasion! Now try and contain your giddiness and vote for the one you like more.

Chris Fellner

Jason Tackitt

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This week’s winner will receive $50 to spend as they please at Moda3 in Milwaukee or on

Think you can do this good or better? The Firing Squad is a weekly photo competition. When win a weekly battle, you will receive a gift certificate worth $50 good for anything at a select Burton dealer near you. Each month, the three winning photos will again do battle for a place in the Champions Gallery and a Burton Camera Pack! To enter your own photo in the Firing Squad, check out our submission guidelines. Happy shooting!


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Comments (19)

  1. yes nick’s clothing style is a little strange. but other dude is wearing a quad xl hoodie and a facemask. i don’t really see the difference. bottom line is nick is doing his trick switch, and on a way nastier wall

  2. This is a photo competition, but…
    Who the fuck cares how Nick Visconti is dressed? He’s one of the best urban riders out there, and his jumping skills are on point too.

    “The haters are just jealous”

  3. Nick wins for sure. no contest.

  4. I agree Nick kills it on a snowboard- the clown shoes comment was because his outfit blends into the background. Except for the super bright eye-drawing boots. That look like clown shoes.

    I’m sure it was a good video shot, I think it makes for an awkward photo though…
    I thought he was doing a nollie drop but after looking closely I can barely see a kicker behind him? Right?

    I’m not going to vote for it just because it’s Visconti. He’s a rad rider. Jason is a rad photographer. The other stuff I’ve seen from those two last winter has been next level. I’m just not feeling this particular shot.

    Love, Jp Bergeron

  5. its not about the trick retards, its about the photo. the photographer wins the gear, not the rider. first photo is way better than the second one

  6. Havin a hard time seeing how you consider the first photo to be “way better than the second one”. The composition of the second photo is much better and more pleasing to the eye. All I see on the right side of the first photo is dead space.
    Whether you like the way Visconti is dressed or not his style is much more on point than the first rider and his spread wings. Look at his composure and the look on his face. Fuckin dirty!
    The rider in the second photo is lit much better than the first.
    The feature in the second photo and the trick being done is much gnarlier than that of the first.
    The first photo doesn’t suck by any means but I definitely would’ve at least tried to capture some better style if I had been the photographer.
    Tackitt’s photo gets my vote. Shits raw!

  7. @dirkdiggler you might wanna take in the fact that the first rider is on the wall, and visconti is in the air. not exactly easy to keep your arms in when youre riding horizontally down a brick wall. and youre just plain wrong about there not being any style in the first photo. the photog captured the wall, the stairs, and the rider very nicely. That being said, both photos are nice. Photo 1 gets my vote.

  8. Well at the bottom of photo 2 it clearly states “which shot is most off the wall?” and Visconti is clearly off the wall. So in that case photo 2 wins. Ha! And it’s just a better photo.