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K2 Snowboarding Presents: The Dirksumentary – Part 1

Grit, grime, talent and tattoos. Lots and lots of tattoos. That’s Nick Dirks from afar, but there is plenty more going on inside the world of K2’s newest pro. Follow us as we uncover who one of today’s most potent personalities really is. This is The Dirksumentary. Part 1.

Video by Austin Will

Presented by K2 Snowboarding

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Comments (19)

  1. Nick Dirks vs. Gus Engle Peoples Court Hesh off

  2. I like dirks but gus is in a better shape right now judging by their parts this year. Actually gus part was probably my favourite along with jonas. I liked the fact that he did “normal” tricks instead of the kickflips and shove-its he did in think thank. I liked those as well but it’s always nice to see something different….On a different note, does anyone know the name of the band playing at the end?

  3. ^The Spits.

  4. i’d buy his board over jp walker’s

  5. i won a k2tuesday thing and got a free happy hour. word.

  6. hater skater is tryin to claim he skates and he doesn’t even know who the spits are. harsh

  7. anyone else at first glance think the video was titled, “Dicksuckmentary”? Rad vid, good boarder, no hate. Just wondering.

  8. Yeah cos pretending i skate will make people i dont even know think i’m soooi cool. Also i know the spits, tge sing reminded me of something that”s why i asked. But even if i didn´t im sure there are a lot of skaters whi dont know them, it was s stupid way to draw conclusions and you dont even know me. So eat a dick!

  9. good rider but god damn this is some hipster shit

  10. cool video movie

  11. I hope he films a good part this year because he has been completely unremarkable since These Days. And before anyone says it, I know he got hurt one year, but his Shoot the Moon part is skip-worthy.

  12. Nick and the Spits is the shit. cool vid.

  13. I think nick dirks is lyke so hawt and i would neva eva skip his part.

  14. when are the aditional adventures of part two?

  15. fuck i didn’t read the tags. pre-emptive strike beat me to it.



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