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Win: A Salomon Team Vacation Set Up!

The Salomon and Bonfire Teams are going on vacation! A Team Vacation to be exact. All season long they’ll be traveling to resorts around the world filming for a full length, as well as edits to be dropped on the web. This week, the tour schedule will be announced, and to get you hyped, Salomon is giving away a brand new Salomonder Snowboard and a pair of Boss bindings to one lucky dude or dudette. To enter, all you have to do is comment below with the reason you think the Team Vacation Bus should come to your local hill. As soon as the tour schedule drops, whichever Salomon and Bonfire team riders aren’t too busy vacationing will pick their favorite comment and that person will win! We will also have some prizes for runners up, so make those reasons convincing.


Brian Keller, or comment #11:

Well when I start off by telling you that I want you to come to Illinois to snowboard on quite possibly one of the smallest hills (it’s actually a valley) in America my guess would be you’re not to impressed. Guess what neither was I…at first. But once you understand that it has the greatest atmosphere, riders, filmers and rails you will realize why I would want Salomon to visit Raging Buffalo. Raging Buffalo is only park and the tow rope stretching right down the middle proves that. Well I doubt you would want to come to the tiny place that I and many of my friends call home for the season of Winter but I guarantee if you come you would never want to leave.

Raging Buffalo, here we come*

Follow along with the whole team vacation at

*maybe, see the actual schedule here.

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Comments (323)

  1. Because minnesota…. what more can be said? You like fun? Wassup, we got it. You like pussy? Thats what i thought.. You wanna lap some park with a rope? Where else you gunna go? Plus we’ll party till we puke, aint that the shit.. It is ze best choice… you know you wanna.. fun.. thats what i thought. mucho love bro. come on down.

  2. Tow Ropes and Hot Laps. Trollhaugen.

  3. Cannonsburg ski area in Grand Rapids, MI. Michigan is the treated like the retarded fat kid of the midwest, everyone knows we’re here, but we’re always the last to get picked for everything! Cannonsburg has an all new park that will be the best in the midwest! Cannonsburg . com

  4. okemo. smokemo. brokemo. full ass laps with piles of shit that is fun. milf sightings daily, cougars on the prowl, east coast hill you can go fast at and chuck your face at some full chested features
    decent pipe if your “in to that”

  5. You guys should come to La Pinilla. Why? Wich is the most partying country in the whole world? SPAIN!!!!!!It´s a shitty resort, but it have the best nightlife ever!!! So you won´t give a shit about the snow, nor the mountain itself…

  6. parnassos in greece, two hours away form athens..awesome weather, awesome food, awesome people and nobody ever comes down there, so it will be something different for the pros. Plus in case you haven’t heard our economy is in the toilet and the people need something to look forward to.

  7. Dope girlies.on hill bbq we get lonely here in central ny plus we brew our own beer……yep toggenburg truxton ny

  8. oh and also partying till six in the morning and hot girlzzzzz bro!!

  9. I learned to ride and still ride at my local hill since i was a nugget. friends, snow, and free drinks and cheese fries for 10 winters! although its a small new york hill located around a bunch of farms its the place to be during the winter if you’re a local. come shredsled!!!!!

  10. You should come to Hawk Island in Lansing because it’s gonna be sick as fuck, first year, and its located 5 minutes from Michigan State which has all the alcohol and woman you could ever want.

  11. Well when I start off by telling you that I want you to come to Illinois to snowboard on quite possibly one of the smallest hills (it’s actually a valley) in America my guess would be you’re not to impressed. Guess what neither was I…at first. But once you understand that it has the greatest atmosphere, riders, filmers and rails you will realize why I would want Salomon to visit Raging Buffalo. Raging Buffalo is only park and the tow rope stretching right down the middle proves that. Well I doubt you would want to come to the tiny place that I and many of my friends call home for the season of Winter but I guarantee if you come you would never want to leave.

  12. sweet street spots and frigid temps. Birch Hill, AK

  13. You can have your way with my friend’s mom. Her name is Maureen (not that it matters) and she will let you guys do whatever you want. It’s not gay if it’s in a 3-way. All you have to do is come to Toggenburg. It’s outside of Syracuse NY, home of some perfect handrails for when you run out of semen.

  14. Mountain Creek New Jersey. So we might have more than the average number of fist pumpers at the bar on Thursday night but where else can you ride 2 peaks that are 100% dedicated to endless days (and nights) of parklaps. I’m talking rails, boxes, bonks, hits on every single run on 2 peaks. Plus there is a bowl to skate in the lodge. Get here!!!!

  15. Come to four lakes in illinois, kids dont know shit about shit, theres mexicans that work the tow ropes so its almost like going to cancun, theres plenty of little kids to snake just like a shitty amusement park, its so small you’ve probly done bigger hills sledding, the biggest jump is so small youll not feel bad not knowing double corks, and all the while have a great time hitting the rails all day long with the rope tow

  16. You Better come to Mt.Hood meadows because it is simply put the best place on Mt.Hood. And there HQ is in Portland so if there bus is not up in Meadows parking lot I will drive over to there office and throw a pipe bomb through the window! And im sure ther are plentty of sluty bitches that you can have your way with.

  17. keystone because colorado need something to overshadow the candygrind/720 boardshop shenanigans we got around here.

  18. Hidden valley in missouri why go there you ask well we get all of our features from mt snow, 30 mins from St, Louis home to Anheuser busch, dive bars, lodge kitchen babes A big ol river and other cool things like the Arch and Raviolis anyway….. spring time conditions in the middle of the winter and it would be the best thing to happen in our 70 day season. and did i mention, that corey kembitzky kid is from there?

  19. Why visit Mountain High, CA? Make fun of meat heads.

  20. You guys (and gals) over at Salomon should vacation down to the south east and shred at Appalachian ski mountain in North Carolina because it is awesome and even though it is a short run the diggers do a great job of keeping it fresh and new every week and its always sick. Everyone is so nice here and you can just hangout and ride with anyone. Make sure you swing by Recess because they sponsor all of the events and contests and they are awesome

  21. come to northstar at Tahoe. well take side hits, find trannies, piss off park staff and get pitted.

  22. Breckenridge because contrary to what yobeat thinks, resorts in summit county are really fun.

  23. summit at snoqualmie to show the kids who ride burton boards basic bull shit whats up

  24. raging buffalo il, the place is awesome cool people its close to chicago and ummm its just an awesome place

  25. come hit Sugarbush Parks in VT with the PukeBoyz crew coming straight outa the University of VT Snowboard Team. we get weird as fuck on and off the hill, beer and boards are our specialties. come lap the best rail park on the east whilst chillin with the funnest crew on the mountain.

  26. BEAVER CREEK!!!!. steep pow chutes. tons of radical tree log slide rides. cliffs. tons of corduroy. yeah baby… CORDUROY!!!!!!!!lost of steeps to get huge speed and take massive carves. tons of hang time to be logged. you can pretty much do board slides everywhere which is awesome. did i mention speed and hang time. pretty much just a radical mountain. BIG AIR, MASSIVE SPEED, PHAT CARVES. INDY GRAB! BOARDSLIDE!

  27. ALSO. lots of hot tubs which is good for vacation. also there are crepes. and ill give you guys free hot chocolate and frozen burritos.

  28. bear mountain, california.

    because bear mountain.

  29. but seriously come to four lakes il.. that place is tiny but sick

  30. You should come to Appalachian Ski Mountain, North Carolina. We have a sick park although we are in North Carolina. All of our features are always prime and we are the best mountain in the southeast. If you come to App ski mountain you will all be treated like gods and everyone at the hill will be friendly and give you free beer. Also app ski mountain is the shit….. no lie… come check us out

  31. ^^ ohh yeah and if you bring jed we have his mini me here

  32. well the only logical answer is Bear mtn. endless park laps in the sun, arguably one of the best park setups out there, a park staff that puts in work, features of all shapes n sizes and a sweet bar on the deck. Bear is the place to be!

  33. If you can find a boat-car-airplane-thingy, i would love for you to come to Iceland. Merely for the purpose of checking out these gnarly-ass backcountry ILLNESS! But that is a big IF at the beginning there.

  34. they should cum so i could watch grenier jack off in our portapotties.-Your man spencer

  35. Come to calgary (C.O.P.) its jeds hometown cmon! CALGRAY REPRESENT

  36. Kirkwood fa sho! No better place to board in the Sierra! It’s not snotty, uptight resort like those on the North Shore. Beautiful views, laid back people, and best powder in Tahoe, not to mention no crowds. Only the real enthusiasts will make the extra drive to get there.

  37. Whitetail, PA to see how those Salomon boards handle heavy ice!

  38. They Should come boardin in whistler. Carve that WHITEPOWdER shred the gnar yanow whatum sayin homeslices? Slippery slide across them handrails and such EH like boardin with the bears n shit Uhhuhuh. Yeah and i hear those footyfiends are lurkin there too eh…..

  39. Schweitzer resort. Sandpoint, Idaho.

  40. Come to Mt. Bachelor because we’ve got beer, babes, and bangers for days.

  41. Head out to Cleveland, Ohio suburbs and hit up Alpine Valley! Dinkiest little resort in the world, 4 tow ropes, 2 lifts, lil shit park and woods laps all day! But I promise you will not find better vibes or kids who are so stoked to shred a tiny little hill anywhere else. Bigger isn’t always better, come see for yourself

  42. They should come, in a few years, to the Netherlands. There are plans to build a 2 km high mountain in this otherwise very very flat country. Because of the climate, there will be snow all year. All we need is 200 billion euros for the construction.
    Proof(in Dutch):

  43. I would tell you to come to PA, but its not Open and pre season weather sucks!

  44. WILLARD MTN NY! it exists. check it out.

  45. Bramberg-Neukirchen ”austria” snow, snow, and…. snow. ill be going there for 3/4 months with mij salomon boots and bonfire pants. (no board) what better place to stop by… right’)

  46. Playboy mansion to grind some women

  47. The team of Salomon should come to Whistler so they can shred it hard and get greasy all over the mountain and village, the party scene in whistler is nuts so GRENIER and ANDERSON can get ladies easily. Also a better reason is that my shitty FORUM CONTRACT board got wrecked and I need a new setup or else I wont be able to shred all the powder until february…Also A whistler edit from the Salomon team would be mad sick and greasy! 😀 :D, oh and Jed Anderson…You are a frickin god and Harrison Gordon you got mad steeze and I wanna see it man.. Come to Whistler and you guys will not be dissapointed nor unhappy. GET IT!

  48. Me and my buddies have a bathroom stall in the lodge of our local mountain called the TNT ROOM and wed love to be able to say someone on salomon snowboards took a shit in the TNT ROOM. come shred and take a shit in the TNT ROOM!

  49. smugglers notch
    Decent park, T bar to lap the park.
    a real mountain so you can ride the mountain, pow, cliffs and fun to be had.
    maybe scare some old skiiers off the mountain wouldnt be a bad idea.

  50. Lakeridge or dagmar in uxbridge. Heard of these hidden gems? Probably not, come rip park laps with the locals, and theres tons of spots in the area abd or not, but these places scream fun and good vibes

  51. Cannonsburg in Grandrapids, MI just has had their entire park rebuilt by a guy who used to be one of the main in charge of keystone, COs park. Cannonsburg will blow up this year, and has the best terrain park in the midwest, hands down. Also, Eric is correct Hawk island is going to be sick, and at Michigan state, the marijuana, liqour and vaginas flow like a beautiful river

  52. 4 lakes!!! LISLE ILLINOIS, we got sooo many videograss dicksuckers to snake and rails and ropes for dayzzzz

  53. Salomon should come to Mt Bachelor because it is a sick hill with a amazing park and abunch of bros. They are gonna have a junkyard park only its gonna be crazy. Grenier can do the most stylish frontflips and jed can do the sickest frontboards to hardway 270 out. I also need a board because my salomonder has a horrible core shot right by the edge and its such a fun board. I would hate to give it up.

  54. Big Boulder in PA for dollar pbr night

  55. Mountain creek new jersey!!! Let the eastcoast get some love too!

  56. Steamboat Springs cause that is where I am

  57. When you think of Wisconsin you probably think of beer, cheese, and our amazing football team; Unless you’ve been to Granite Peak before. We quite possibly have the sickest park possible for the limited terrain. Theres sick tree skiing, chutes, and the chillest people around to ride with, for a the twelve hours there open. We even have an air bag coming in for a few days.
    Granite Peak, Wisconsin the only place for you to vacation.

  58. Chicago hands down! Soo many rails and most of the spots have been never seen unlike Minnesota(no hate) or Quebec. Also it is going to be one of the snowiest winter so your don’t have to worry if the Windy city has snow. Chicago is like Minnesota in the sense of every kid here is dedicated to hit some rails and can wake up and just hit a rail no mountain needed. We ride a rope tow park called Raging Buffalo that is stacked with kids who are all about stacking footy and having fun! If your not soft I recommend coming to Chicago and we’ll for sure show you a good time! I don’t want the board just come to the great city Chicago because we got spots on spots on spots!

  59. Come to my Mountain Mama, climb, mount and ride her and spray all over. (Watch out for that squirt-avalanche.) All in the name of love. All yours, free season pass.
    Cowabunga, Zeach For Life!

  60. Crested Butte Colorado.
    Because we got some good steeps, a mediocre park that someone really good needs to destroy, and we drink more pabst than any other city in the country.
    That’s a fuck ton of pabst.

  61. and because no one ever comes here

  62. Come to Hunter Mountain because its the raddest scene in New York, funnest mountain in NY hands down, best park in NY, theres a hut halfway through the park available for your smoke inhalation pleasure, and everyone is always having a blast no matter what you’re into

  63. Keystone. The team shoot out was pretty rad so the team vacation will be nuts especially cause Grendy will be able to ride this time.

  64. HORSESHOE RESORT ONTARIO because they have the best rails around. Enough said.

  65. Come to Baker because it Baker. No reason needed but the fact that you get to ride the best mountain in the northwest. its filled with Glacier loc dogs that only wear old ass ripped and fixed with duck tape gor tex clothes that really show the dedication to an environment as gnarly as Baker.

  66. definitely NISEKO JAPAN!!! World best POWDER is Here!!! Boooooom!!!!!


    Awesome rails, fun park, lots of great riders.

  68. I agree with matt. And Crested Butte is practically made up of crazy hippies and hot moms.

  69. Come to big boulder pa!!! Its gettin on the map slowly but surely but could use a little bit more help! Boulder Park tosses it down fellas and we’d love to toss down wit’ y’all!!

  70. what james wilson said except 4lakes…

  71. Come to Edmundston, New-Brunswick! to be honest our local hill sucks and theres little good streets spots… but thats not what snowboardings about! We just like to cruize around, snowboard fast, hit the couple rails we got, get creative in the streets and have fun while doing it with our buds! yea i know this is cliché but its true!

  72. PICO Mountain VT

    Fuck Killington every asshole and the dew tour are going there. Pico is down home, classic, and full of mini shred hits and funny little tree runs. plus it’s closed a few days a week so you can splitboard or hike for any pow and get lift access after killington has been tracked out.

  73. Wentworth, Nova Scotia, Canada.

    Why? Because no one ever comes here. And you could eat a donair.

  74. Sugarbush, because I have a few dust blunts rolled up and I’m trying to get weird on some sherm! As Juicy J would say, “WE TRIPPY MANE.”

  75. Four Lakes in Lisle, IL. because we have brand new rails, towrope lapping, little kid obstacle course on the weekends, a bar on the hill, good atmosphere

  76. You should really come to Hyland Hills in good ole Bloomington, Minnesota. Real fun park, cool people and right in the heart of some of the best street spots. The salomon team came here last year, why not make it another.

  77. Mountain Hood Skibowl. Go eff yourself if you don’t know why

  78. How about Fort Collins CO? Java would have a great time, some really good street spots, close backcountry and also about an hour and a half from Scummit county.. Oh and some pretty rad night life.

  79. The Vacation Bus needs to drop by Mt.Seymour, British Columbia this year. We’ve got that ghetto flare that kills all those downtown Vancouver gypsies. Jibbing trees, smashing downbars, and hanging with the crew; that’s what Seymour’s about. To top it off, we’ve got the Nike Greatest Hits features to keep you from breaking open your piggy banks just to pay for some elaborate road trip all around the US. Sure that’s what you guys are doing; but hey, at least we’re cutting out a few hours of driving around in your nacho fart filled bus (here’s looking at you Grendy). So take a little detour and head on up to the Great White North.

    Oh and if you guys to choose to come here, I might even let you feed my polar bear.

  80. Brighton……..need i say more?

  81. I think the team should head to The Snow Centre in Hemel Hempstead. Even though its only a small slope, its one of the best in the UK and every week on a Friday Night created imaginative and amazing freestyle parks for us junkies to get our Jib on.

    I reckon the team should come along and experience how good it is indoors and how amazing and sick an indoor park can be from our amazing park builders!

  82. I think they should go to Sierra at Tahoe because it is all natural snow, and the chillest most down to earth people you will ever meet. !!

  83. because its got less than a 300 foot drop and you can get a bajillion laps in an hour

  84. dont come to brampton. it sucks. come to horseshoe because i ate shit on there stairset and now i cant walk, but you guys will probably rip it. <-me eating shit

  85. So it will be even better hiking up ice pack and bumming around on this small resort called welch village in the bitter minnesota cold (:

  86. Oh and so we can riot again all the wannabee top shit mogul jockies also known as skiers

  87. Wanna have fun go to Brighton. That is my best choice.

  88. I think the tour bus should head to goood old Brighton, UT because of how much freaking fun the hill is, plus they’re probably headed to SLC anyways to do some stacking… so they might as well go to Brighton and touch sky, grab board, and throw snowballs at people filming their friends with walmart cameras duct taped to poles.

  89. Raging Buffalo in Algonquin, IL. We are never going soft. Always having a radical time. Hot lapping the park all day. (Always zeaching of course) Baging Ruffalo is the place to be in Chicago. No questions asked.

  90. Loon is definitely a stop on the tour. But bring the bus to Plymouth, there’s plenty of chicks at Plymouth State who would love to get on their knees and “meet” you.

  91. Come to Hidden Valley in Missouri for the endless lines of pow, sick features in the park, no waiting for lifts, and amazing back country……oh wait Hidden Valley has none of that. On the other hand we do know how to throw a party, and I’ve got a beer with your name on it.

  92. Greek Peak CNY, if you want the worst riding experience you have ever had this is the spot! Once the park opens in late January you will have the overwhelming experience to shred the few poorly made ride on rails 6″ off the ground and the one “table top”. Not only that but you can make hot laps in the park with the 25 min chair lift (thats if it doesn’t break down) that takes you up the staggering 900Ft vertical. For an experience that you will never forget and give you a true appreciation of your own local hill (regardless of how bad it may be) this is the spot you don’t want to miss!! Don’t forget to stay at the new “Lodge” located located in the middle of nowhere, and nothing will remind you of home quite as much as the smell of manure coming from the surround farms….Or is it coming from the hill? Either way guaranteed to be a life changing experience!

  93. hey,

    the reason why the team vacation bus should come to the allgäu in germany?
    because this will change efferything.
    you should come to the snowpark grasgehren! this is a nice litle park with much creative obstacles and the most awesom mood ever.
    when you will come there, this perhaps will be the reason for expanding the park!
    also the park is sponsored by salomon, so i theink there can´t be another choice;)

    regards from germany


  94. You should come to Table Mountain in Saskatchewan. The sky is pretty much endless. You are still about 6 hours away from real mountains. It’s incredibly small, and is appropriately called ‘Table Mountain’, though it is not a mountain at all. We will have a half decent park this year, I hope. We have a few rails, and hopefully it’s not minus 40 when you arrive, because we get some pretty cold weather. In fact, I can almost promise you no pow days as we have an average of 105cm snowfall. But hey, we have snowmaking, so you won’t be riding on grass. Plus North Battleford is pretty close and has a McDonald’s, Subway, Burger King, Tim Hortons and Pizza Hut!

    Table has two chairlifts and a magic carpet. I’m pretty sure you could act like it was 2000 and wear a bandana out of your pocket and nobody would blink. Our scene is so thriving that two SK resorts in the last few years have closed doors. So, you’d make some people real happy as we are having to drive way out of the way to get out riding now(for real). Not everyone from SK can do Triple Corks, but there are some very committed riders out here. Plus Saskatchewan is really hard to pronounce.

  95. definitely mount hood meadows, not only would it be reason for the resort to up their standards as far as main features go, but there always seems to be a fun time hiding somewhere in all the little “secret” spots. Also it’s pretty close to bonfire headquarters here in Portland! Local love.

  96. Chicopee resort Kitchener Ontario Canada. Why? because if you show up at least something there won’t suck!!!

  97. don’t come to montana. big sky is played

  98. Gunstock. slow lifts, gross chicks, shitty park, and massholes. time to smoke butts, destroy everything and spray anyone. live free or die motherfucker.

  99. you should come to trollhaugen, WI. because it has the best broken rails, we got ethan deiss and austin young, and we got the best handrails in Minnesota where Im from but i go to troll cuz its da shit!!!!

  100. Come to Northstar-at-Tahoe, one of the only places where I’ve seen more snowboarders than skiers. Sick parks, nice snow, chill environment. California Livin \m/ Not to mention we got some bomb-diggity bud out here (if youre into that kind of thing). Plenty of excellent urban spots all around and the best damn pow youll ever experience. Shred by day, Rage by night – the snowboarders dream

    the Shred Guru

  101. Big Boulder, PA obviously because its the most radical mountain in existence where you can do whatever you want, you can shred with the most awesome people, and you can skate our buttery mini ramp.

  102. Waterville.
    Your fuckin blowin it if you don’t. Plus you can visit loon after, and who the fuck doesn’t like loon. Waterville’s got some damn fine snow bunnies as well, and shit they got money. Get on over here.

  103. Butternut cause it’s a small mountain with a big heart… and a really sick park.

  104. Woodbury ski in CT. So shitty, n mad fun always have a good time with the homies. This place has 1 chair and a pulley rope tow that breaks all the time, it’s way over priced (easy to poach), real small lit area at night, and the owners always since ur already sold on coming here cuz that sounds sick it’s what makes woodbury “that place”..the park gets set up by the riders and every things so sketch u have to get creative and go jib the skate park, race through the tubing course and get kicked out, drink mad cheap beer, and film everything for some of the most ridiculous edits…..see ya soon homies

  105. North Vancouver, Because there is just too many jed lookalikes

  106. Cuz the ice coast kills shit and Big Boulder PARK will not disappoint anyone who wants to rip a real east coast park

  107. cause boreal is mad chyll and and stays open at 4:20

  108. Brimacombe, Ontario. Dope park, killer locals, yeti’s and ugly girls. What more can be said? Oh did i mention we have wild cats roaming free all over the hill? Yeah. That may not be true, but who the fuck doesnt like cats? We don’t have too many events here due to the small hill, so it would for sure be the event of the decade and your sure to have a hell of a time. The 905 area has too many handrails to name, some of them already being in videograss, so when your not cruisin the hill you can be coppin some shots. So stop being a pussy and sack up. Cum here, you will have a blast guaranteed. Free pony rides for kids 10 and under. Ps. I just got a new salomonder because I’m not an idiot and already realized it was the only possible board choice, so if you come here i dont even need the board. hope thats convincing enough<3 xoxo

  109. salomon should stop in pa! as in Pennsylvania .i love salomon the salomander and all of your products . evrywhere is good to stop on a snowboard tour but evryone know pa is the way to go if u wanna go hard . we got great cities ,scrapple ,phillie ,slopes,coal,the mascot(punksyphil!),dorney park, chocolate , WHOOPIE PIES ,the only cons i can think of is the eagles…..COME TO LOVLEY BIG BOULDER IN PENNSYLVANIA S…..A….L…O….M…O…N……

  110. Rhode Island! because nobody ever comes here. EVER. and the hill is as small as jerm’s weenie, but it’s still fun (unlike jerm’s weenie.)

  111. campgaw mountain, mahwah new jersey? Its my local mountain, 10 minutes rom my house, ive worked there 2 years in a row now. its a little baby mountain, basically like 2 or 3 trails if that. but we all love it so much, its like a second home to everyone and anyone thats been there. were working so hard to step up our park more and more every year and to bring in competitions and premiers to get our little tiny mound of snow some publicity, and it would mean the world to me and everyone there for you guys to pay us a visit, it really would.
    thats all i guess, either way we’re gonna do our best to shred hard this year and have a blast 🙂 hope to see you guys eventually

  112. Breckenridge hands down. They’ve got this water fountain right there in the lodge so if you’re ever thirsty you can just go in and have a drink

  113. Come to mount snow, got a house at the base, keg is always flowin and it’s the best park on the east coast. #thatswhatsup

  114. EDIT:
    Raging Buffalo in Algonquin, IL. First of all, you’ll definitely get some A.S.S. (Algonquin Sub Shop) Best sandwiches you’ll ever have. We are never going soft. Always having a radical time. Hot lapping the park all day. (Always zeaching of course) Baging Ruffalo is the place to be in Chicago. No questions asked.

  115. Canada Olympic park, Jed lives here anyways and we need something to cheer us up there is like no snow in calgary

  116. If Kingvale ( were still running I’d def say go there… so I say Sierra, South Lake Tahoe! This has been my favorite resort ever since I stepped foot on a board. They use to have a long partnership with Northstar, who has now teamed up with Vail Resorts/Heavenly. Sierra dropped out of the agreement, for I am sure some legit reasons, and is now back to being independent again. I don’t know the reason for this but I’m kind of glad they’re independent now. They can do what they want and keep it real with their riders without all the corporate bull schit. Sierra is seriously an overlooked gem with all the heavy hitter Tahoe resorts like Heavenly, Northstar, and Squaw Valley. Sierra’s got dope parks thanks to SPT, and when it dumps there is an abundance of hidden terrain and natural features to get gnar. Sierra isn’t the biggest mountain, but definitely the funnest. And to top it off, they’ve got the chillest employees with a laid back atmosphere.

  117. Raging Buffalo… Rail Gardens for days, a shitty cat driver, gay ass half pipe, a hesh ass 25 footer, guaranteed vagina, you can have my sisters and my mom. Fuck ill even bring a few cases cause thats where the paaaaaarty is at. Good fucking sammiches, too many good kids ride there show them up. Also fuck the hotel sleep at my house 🙂 Lets rave at buffalo meet you there. Cakelife.

  118. cause Mountain Creek is underground and we need someone or some team to come here and blow it up to give us the attention we need out here.

  119. yea cannonsburg is about to have a sick skier park! SWITCH UPS FOR DAYZZZZ

  120. Have Jed come to four lakes so I can dick slap him in the teeth… plus Trevor will blow him. Lisle Illinois.

  121. Great Divide, MT. The park is sick, you can say you were a manly ass man because you were in montana and we have been know to party pretty hard by busting out the sparkling cider and twister

  122. I need to get away from the mexcain drug cartel. They beat me up with skis and shove ski poles up my… i rather not say. But these guys are jerks and i cant understand any word they say!Its always like “Taco taco burrito macho lady gaga”. The worst part is, I’m held captive under this dance house and i hear the feet stomping all day. All i wanted to do was get a ride up to my mountain mt.hood meadows. So could you please help me. I JUST WANT TO RIDE.

    Shred hard or die

  123. Ski Sundown Ct. Crazy Park. SOOOOOO much local urban.

  124. midwest you dont know shit about cake life, get with it or get the fuck out

  125. wachusett mountain- east coast, greiner, dunkin donuts, bruins= sooo good

  126. Well let me tell you a little something about Telluride, Colorado…..First if you came here I would literally cum rockets. Second it would it would be fucking incredible…we could like push mongo through the lift line and do some sick lindsey jacobellis methods all day. Third how bout you go to a mountain that no one else has footy one would see it coming and they would have no choice but to bow down to the superior Salomon and Bonfire overlordz. Fourth you dont have worry about those mark ass busta lift lines and what not its pretty sick. Fifth after a hard dayz work on the slopez you can come back to my place and rage it up….i’ll break out the Nintendo 64 and get down on some Super Smash Bros and Mario cart….don’t forget the pizza rolls saun! Yeah so don’t let fake ass bustas discourage you and come to Telluride.

  127. i think its safe to say lots of peolple want you to come too illinois. visit four lakes and raging. both are sick with tow ropes and rails for days with a great atmosphere filled with rail killers

  128. come to snoqualime beacuse I know they all ready will, and you can throw snowballs at tranny finders

  129. come to greek peak in upstate new york because we have lots of trees and rocks to jump on…and its close to syracuse which is home to the fun henninger rail and my friend justin keskin, who’s name looks like justin keningston, and they are both pretty cool snowboarders

  130. Big White because the park has be reamped we got “free shampane powder”, loose aussie girls tons of snow, hot tubs, bc bud, my band Rock N Roll 420 might play and we had superpark 97

  131. The team should stop off at mount hood meadows because it is the shit. Besides all the fun terrain and wonderful times that the mountain can offer there is a bunch of wonderful vacationing pass times. For example romantic candle lite dinner at Pok Pok in Portland or long walks on cannon beach. There is also the every exciting stroll through the national park that the resort is located on. After a lovely day on the hill and a scrumptious meal come back to my place for free massages while listening to Parlement Funkadelic (on vinyl).

    Portland, Fuck Yeah!

  132. Gonna keep it simple. Were getting dump after dump up here on hood. We’ve got timberline for everyday shred in which the park is a mix between Bear and Brighton, we have skibowl for night shred with 2 tow ropes and fun jibs/ rails/ best night powder since Japan. And for those days your feeling a little bit of adrenaline we have meadows where you can find terrain that will make you poop your pants. If that isn’t enough, we have Portland, Oregon, which has the chillest bars and the best weed. Last but not least, we have government camp where you’ll most likely wake up the next day to a beautiful woman laying next to you in a shitty apartment where marijuana is grown. Take the land of Oreganja into consideration; for it never lets you down.

  133. There is a magical land where the kids come to slay. It is called Breckenridge CO… We have sweet jumps and rails just like most places (only sweeter) and this one run that we call river run (only in Breck). It’s not actually called that but if you come ill show it to you. Its literally the best run ever probably. It has massive tree tree gaps and bonks and jumps off the catwalks. Plus it leads to one of the 4 parks. TOTAL shred. And we can do party trains which are crazy awesome fun.

    Oh and also theres 3 of the wildest log rail parks! those aren’t supposed to be there.. in fact there was a sweet tree house that was super legit! my buddy ty slept in it once (RAD). Then ski patrol blew it up. Fuck those guys… luckily theres still like 4 dope ass huts. Pun intended.


  134. Come to thunder ridge to talk some sense into the kids that have there stance so far out that they have to drill new holes and their angles at 30, -30. I just wanna kick them in the nuts b/c it pisses me off that much. they don’t even wear baggy pants just like wide stance tight pants with open jacket steez(not the good kind)

  135. brighton, because everyone here dresses and wishes they were jed, plus the shred be ill

  136. MSLM one of the best parks on the east. Private chair, loud music, and well shaped BIG jump line. Be around for the Downlow, they put some crazy stuff together.

  137. Come to Wilmot Wisconsin!! we have the longest run at 35 seconds!! we hit rails all day and its all about the community and friends. Some of the best riders come outa the midwest and we could use the hype!! i know every person out here would die for even a pit stop out here. drop by and say hello we will all warmly great you with places to stay and some local spots

  138. you should come to summit at snoqualmie because it rains alot and the jumps are setup just wrong but the rails are good

  139. App Terrain Park! Home mountain to Regional rider Austin Leonard! and plenty more kids who shred! Come hangout! Oh and we have cook-out and cheerwine! Only in NC can you get those two!

  140. Girdwood, AK. will the bus make it? Guess i better just buy a new board.

  141. Tyrol basin! where the men are men and the women are too!

  142. come to reno, it doesn’t close, you can smoke inside. i will hold your hand if you’re scared.

  143. Solomon should come board Canada Olympic Park because the Solomon team is tight and i would love to see them ride!

  144. man to be honest i wouldn’t waste your time coming to wachusett mountain. but you should hook it up! or else ill drive my car off a cliff or something. im super cereal!

  145. Come to Raging Buffalo. We got a half ass working cat, a driver that has never stepped foot on snow. A park crew that doesnt exist. And more than half the features were unhittable handrails that were cut out of the ground or bought and built by the local kids that set up the park everyday. Park is always fun. Lots of street spots that have never been hit by anyone outta the state. Ropes for lapping. Its a hot time. And there is a few strip clubs with in a 10 mile radious. Fuck it, and Chris Brewer will toss in a blowjob. Free of charge.

  146. a blowjob or at least a western grip hand job,
    but no marks, tricks, or mark ass tricks

  147. now idk if its the steam that smells like aged cat piss off the snow, or the broken down rope tow that is probably single handedly ruining the ozone layer, but when i think about raging buffalo all i can think about is…. why the hell hasnt this place lit on fire. its been hit by lightning, the roof looks like it was made in 1847, the cat is made from scratch, the cat driver has probably shared some needles in his day,and the rails on the hill have all been cut out of churches, schools and local spots. this place isnt much to look at or ride at for that matter, but somehow this place alone has put out the best riders in illinois and that cousin-fucking sister state wisconsin, so if you guys feel like shredin with some kids that make the most of what they got and literally keep there local hill working you guys should head to chicago and hit up buff. sometimes salomon you just gotta risk it for the biscuit, so get your ass here

  148. You should come to Shanty Creek in Michigan because it is a very poopfilled park. I have gotten bored with it and I want to see Grendys, Louif, Harrison, Bode, Desiree, and Janderson tear it a new hole! That place needs some variety and those are the boys and desiree to do it.

  149. Come to Hyland Hills because we have the best chili-cheese fries.

  150. Too broke to buy a new board, Not witty enough to come up with a banger of a reason for you to come, just have to come and see *oh the mystery*.
    Come to Pine Knob in Clarkston, Michigan. Get down with the get downnn

  151. chicagos cool i guess and so is raging
    dont come though if roobs is filming, he worst snowboard filmer to live

  152. give it to FOUR LAKES and RAGING BUFFALO!

  153. Come to raging buffalo just proper tricks no zeches or swivels like four lakes

  154. Elm Creek and Hyland Hills. 100+ runs, great vibes, rails, and night/day riding. Test Bonfire’s gloves to the high speed ropes of Minnesota

  155. Come to Bridger Bowl, in Montana. Good vibes, good riding, good people. Come hike The Ridge with me!

  156. ……………………………. I would say you guys just should come and hit the indoor slope, snowbase in Terneuzen, HOLLAND…….. Indoors is the shitt.

  157. Knock Knock.
    Whos there?
    I am broke and would love some free stuff.
    I am broke and would love some free stuff who?
    I am broke and would love some free stuff and also live in Portland so I’l save on postage.

  158. that first dude is poaching my name

  159. Head over to the German Alps. Although not that big it’s always good times! So better get to Spitzingsee and discover the home of upcoming Woodward Europe. Munich’s nearby and heavy partying is required! Also got a neet park. And I do want to have new board and bindings.

  160. Anyone else think one kid fucking loves raging buffalo and is posting all these comments about it and thumbs upping everyone? cause they all say the same thing

  161. bring me that stuff and ill poop on something

  162. …because in whole Austira there is sooo much “artificial snow” pow. It’s amazing!!!! You have to come!!!

  163. Hidden Valley resort in Missouri is among one of the worst places to snowboard in North America.

    However. We do have really great meth, one of the raddest DIY skate parks moments away, and really cheap cigarettes.

    If you get totally urked by pow or runs with more than 100ft of verticle drop, come get down at Big Mac,

  164. To Sweden Kingsmountain (Kungsberget in swedish) Everybody love sweden, true fact. We got good food, good looking girls and are happy peeps. We need this! So come on over!

  165. burke, vt. theres nothing else going on up here.


  167. App Terrain Park in Blowing Rock NC. Its a skatepark on snow with constantly changing setups and a dedicated crew of riders/builders. This place has done more to push the progression of snowboarding in NC than anyplace else, hands down. Its small, but the lift ride is short so you get bazillions of laps in. Southern hospitality awaits you, check it out.

  168. Mo’ fuckin mt. bachelor baby! what else you need? good vibes and good rides all day!

  169. It is going to my local hill, but my local hill sucks so they should go to skibowl instead.

  170. Have you ever heard about Slovakia? (now you think where the hell is it?!) right, nobody knows . If you want to find out, check it on google maps and come to the best park Donovaly in Slovakia. Good riding and sunny weather is waiting for you. Yeah, and don´t forget : What happened in Donovaly, stays in Donovaly. Peace!

  171. Because here i don’t have a local Hill 🙁 so, the bus had to come here with my new set up, take me , and go to surfing all around the world !!!!

  172. Three words: Carinthia, Day Franzen.

  173. This contest is unfair, all the hills around here suck… Pa is filled with skiers in neon nightgowns bragging about how many bowls they smoked last night. Dont come to Roundtop, save yourself the frustration since the kickers are torn to shreds after an hour every time out anyway.

  174. Whatever y’all do, don’t come to Wapiti Valley. Its in goddamn Saskatchewan! The parks about 100 yards long and everyone here except me are douchebags. The only upside is that if you need some shots of crazy jackass shenanigans then you couldn’t go wrong here (but that applies to literally every other place on Earth). Oh! And Wapiti is so shitty that a lift ticket is like $30 so BONUS.

  175. Don’t even bother coming from Meadows. All the dudes with beards and 10 year old outerwear will smoke you.

  176. Northstar. Because Shaun White might lighten up if he had some Vacation in his life.

  177. Because nobody every comes to the Southeast, and by some slim chance they do it’s not Tennessee. Snowboarding in Tennessee, it is so wild that you cannot imagine. Plus kids would flip their shit if Jizz Anderson showed up here. Oh, and we only eat fried foods, delicious fried foods.

  178. Sweden becaus they have the best spots and the best girls!

  179. Appalachian Ski Mountain in North Carolina needs to see some professional love! We’ve got Cam Pierce, but nothing else. The Southern shred scene needs to be brought to the mainstream, and this is just the right way to do it. Plus we’ve got a legit-as-tits terrain park that would be perfect for these guys.


  181. Mt. Bachelor. because it’s on the come up after super park…

  182. Spirit Mountain. Duluth, MN. Its november 29th and theres no snow. The hill isnt even open yet. But when it does, BANGERS ALL DAY.

  183. Come to Trysil in Norway and get some real nice shoot with big jumps and good rails! It`s the best park in the world!!

  184. Cataloochee. Its in the small town in North Carolina. Ben Lynch and Messier came on a Airblaster trip and they’ll tell whats up. Southern hospitality at its greatest.

  185. Sunburst Wisconsin because the riders here are better than you. Don’t doubt me until you see for yourself.

  186. Berkshire East, Charlemont, MA (very Western Mass)…heard of it? Grenier might, or maybe Pendlesnakes, otherwise I doubt it. Come put it on the map!

  187. Sup guys, Ya’ll need to come out to keystone Colorado. I don’t think I need to tell you about A51. Plus… Summit county, I mean comon soooo many mtns to shred. Its like the mecca of all that is rad. Theres no doubt it will be a killer ass time. Chill as fuck.

  188. come shred our campus, home to many aluminum rails and sketchy ledges. i mean if jp walker came here and hit a rail, shouldn’t ya’ll? east coast reppin

  189. You guys should come to the bridge by my house, there is a good hill there i sometimes bring a few milk crates there and launch over them. There will be a tons of kids there for you guys to show off in front of. let me know

  190. Come to mt. hood skibowl. they lose power three times on their opening days, have cliffs, sketchy rails, tiny jumps, govy drunks, a lifty that acts like chewbacca, and if this doesn’t convince you then just watch this gem

  191. you should come to snow valley Ca… because our bars are better than our hill! pretty fuckin’ epic time guaranteed!

  192. ummm, Blue Mountain, Ontario… it’s not really a mountain, don’t know why they call it that, probably for the tourists from the city, because nobody wants to pay $500 for a weekend to drive 2 hours to a ‘slope’, but it’s a pretty big hill I guess. park is….. meh, whatever, never really been in the park, but i always go up the chair and watch scenesters do like swivel slides.

    but it’s a totally fun place to vacation, the village is cool and you can get plastered at the bars, make fun of canadians being tourists in their own country. you can get beaver tails at the top of the chair, which for you americans is like a big flat chocolate covered churro. and best of all – bitches…. SO MANY BITCHES!

    need I say more?

  193. Come to Powder Ridge Minnesota! The very first boots I ever bought were Salomon and I had no snowboarding friends at the time so I had no one telling me what to buy and what not to buy so I was just that awesome to begin with!! If I’m that awesome don’t you kind of want to come here and meet me?

    The hype, support, and passion for shredding is unmatched here. We have passionate riders that rep the midwest flow, you know you want to tap that.

  194. Come to LOON because it’s Loon and KTC is there

  195. Meadows is a surefire win… And you won’t have to punch a moose in the nose. See you there this weekend!

  196. You should come to Breckenridge Mountain Resort, because we have tons of fun activities including but not limited to: mini golf, our gold runner roller coaster, hot chocolate in the lounge, and there’s is of course this new fad that all of my sons friends are talking about. Its called the terrain park and the locals up here just love it. personally i don’t understand why anyone would want to go out and purposely try to hurt themselves, but as long as they wear their wrist guards and helmets, i let my kids go in the half pipe with their instructor. Well please consider coming to my home mountain because we could really use the extra crowds around here, summit county is looking pretty bare around these holiday times and the lift lines are never crowded enough, so i know everyone here in Colorado would love the extra crowd.

  197. Northstar to show shaun white how lame he is.

  198. Hunter mtn NY. Just a couple hours from THE city, great skatepark like atmosphere, great forest zones, chill locals, and as much coffee as you can drink. All to go along with some great upstate goobers.

  199. 1. HOOD. Oregon.
    2. Because you have until August to ride.
    3. Windells.
    4. 3 resorts. 1 mountain.
    5. Cobra dogs.
    6. Hood is where the Heart is.
    7. Terrain, Parks, babes on Hood > anywhere else.
    8. Because you want to.
    9. If YOBEAT came from the NW…Hood is what’s good.
    10. Most importantly….because everyone wants in the Hood when you’re on Vacation.

  200. Stevens Pass, Washington. Because you’ve never ridden there and you wanna ride some pow, just make turns, eat really good lodge food, drink some beers, and just have a good ol’ time.

  201. come to raging buffalo and I will make sure everyone gets a blumpkin

  202. Come to Brighton, UT. I want to see Bode blast huge one footer variations, Louif hit some rails, and Grenier do some flips in the pipe and spin doughnuts on his golf cart in the parking lot. Then you can go eat some Molcasalsa after.

  203. If you are a snowboarder from massachusetts, you have probably heard of Watchusett Mountain. I can’t flatter you with fairytales of perfect jumps and down flat down up down flats, however i can still do you a solid. My suggestion is to not go. So, reason why you shouldn’t go to my local hill is because making a safe or enjoyable terrain park is their last priority, and making as much change from the rentals/jeans skiers out of Boston is their first. If you down for some jeans and a pair of rental ski a few feet too small, then come to watchusett, or just come because its easy to hack around and have fun, because sometimes you just need a break.

  204. Blue Mountain sucks and isn’t open!

  205. WILLARD MOUNTAIN…The owner hates snowboarders and has been trying to get rid of the park for years but every year the kids keep it open. its been pushed to the corner of the mountain in the worst possible spot but its there. we need to get something legit going on here so that the owner can realize that ski racing isnt the only way to make money at a mountain and to buy us some new shit. its fun though, we work our ass off to switch up the park and keep it in order when its not a sheet of ice. plus kids would jizz their pants if they saw the saloman team there and come from all over. plus you can come get drunk and hit the flat bar in my back yard in the middle of albany after words. Bring Will Bateman back with you too if you could, we all miss him around here

  206. Skibowl Ya’ll. The best kept secret on Mt Hood. Sick terrain, fun locals, sick parks, Come out on a tuesday night for ladies night. Its a blast. Shralp dickdeep pow under the lights.. ever get a blower face shot at 10pm? Come to Skibowl, help blow it up. The Bowl needs some love and some publicity.. hook them up

  207. Because we need a little excitement here in Duluth, Minnesota. I love riding ice in 40 below and all but come on, come here and heat this shit up!

  208. Brighton! because everyone loves brighton.

  209. You should come to Mont Cascade Quebec, not because we have the dopest ice on our slopes and the most rad pvc setups in the off season. But because us frenchies love the shred as much as we love our poutine and fine women, have fun, make every session the most awesome time ever, we love drinking cheap pabstblueribbon and we have great poutine at the chalet bar. Our park is also super duper awesome and fun, guaranteed to get your full on shred on. So yeah, you guys should come shred our hill and have a fun time. ON VOUS ATTENDS TABARNACK!

  210. come towashington so your riders skills can be compared to those of squirrel rippers. any mountain will do.

  211. Big Boulder… because the east is dope.boulders dope.and Philly has mad spots that no one ever films at.end of story

  212. OHIO all the way. We are definately in our prime for the mid-west scene. Not only are we stocked full of street features. Our local park, Boston Mills Brandywine has top notch features that are all designed by us the riders.

  213. Y3ahh Broos cum to HoOd man! its so steezy its where the heART is ya we just bless jah and think were sick becuase theres a gay ski camp in the summer. We are so gHood we are in the hood man its so sik! come to Hood and lurk out with the kookiest biggest pieces of shit kids who thinK they are good at snowsports because they mountian is HOOD dog yeah.. Tim windell man soo raddd man. I HATE MY LOCAL MOUNTIAN. EXCEPT SKIBOWL! locals only so salomon teem cant go sorry guys. no exceptions. HE$H and I only…

  214. dont go to raging buffalo. they dont have a park crew on staff. have fun riding for only an hour or so till icy ruts come into play

  215. I think you should come to Sunnerstabacken in Uppsala, Sweden. Mainly because the “hill” is small and the riders here would never ever get the chance to experience something awesome like this.
    The freestyle community have been struggling to get more attention and space for jumps and rails but since the slalom community is the dominating one (even though it’s a minority) the snowpark isn’t as good as it could be.

    So i wan’t you guys to come here mainly for two reasons

    1: Let the active freestyle community experience something really really EPIC
    2: Show the slalom community that freestyle is bigger than they think and help us make our park grow!

  216. Come to Eaglecrest in Juneau, AK. You would have to load the RV on the Ferry to get it here and go through Canuck country before that but it would be one hell of a ride. Did I mention Haines AKA Spine City USA is right up the Lynn Canal.

  217. Bear Creek in Macungie, Pennsylvania. Come here its a small mountain where the only reason its open is pretty much cause of the terrain park, everyone there just loves snowboarding and its a small town where no one ever holds demos or anything its like south eastern PA gets ignored for snowboarding. PLus its outside of philly and philly has some of the dopest spots when theres snow that are virtually untouched by any snowboarder. Plus if you dont im gonna start buying all things shaun white like his scooters….just kidding i would never do that. but seriously come to Macungie and ride some philly spots

  218. I agree with ALEXANDRE DESJARDIN!!!!!!!

  219. (((BOREAL, CA!))) Jeff Brushie, Dave Seoane, Terry Kidwell, Chris Roach, Jamie Lynn, Shawn Farmer, Mike Basich, Jim Rippey. The list of legends that rode Boreal can go on forever! These guys made snowboarding look like nothing but good times. Boreal still has the old school vibe to it. It’s like snowboarding on history! And Java, they got parking for big ass RV’s. No wedging into sketchy parking spots for you at Boreal. This place is rad. Come experience the awesomeness.

  220. Monarch mountain has no cool people! And they are actually proud of it! They even brag about the lameness in articles like this: and the few freestyle loving riders that are stuck down here are completely ignored and dispised by mountain management, who keeps downsizing the parks, so now we will only have one small park with no jumps. Come show Monarch what the 21st century is please

  221. Ice Coast Kills Shit! If you can ride Hunter Mountain you can ride anywhere

  222. Who doesn’t dream about shredding loon mts park……nobody that’s why they should go there

  223. In the lush back country of westchester NY, young snowboarders express their love of the sport each and every day in the winter. Who wouldn’t want to join such an enthusiastic group of kids for days of fun-filled activities. we can hit the 7 foot cliff at the middle school, the 8 stair hand rail at the high school, or even the woods of the golf course. so come on down and join us here at our winter wonderland.


  225. Down past Syracuse, New York, there is a hill. Definitely not a mountain. Labrador Mountain is the local hub for park riding, and this year they just bought 10k worth of new features. Someone needs to come show everyone how to use these new features

  226. because, … “Making your way in the world today takes everything you’ve got
    Taking a break from all your worries sure would help a lot
    Wouldn’t you like to get away?

    Sometimes you want to go – where everybody knows your name
    and they’re always glad you came
    You wanna be where you can see – our troubles are all the same
    You wanna be where everybody knows your name

    You wanna go where people know people are all the same
    You wanna go where everybody knows your name”

  227. Come to Grand Thargee. Grendy holla atcha boy! Go Boston Bruins. I’d say come to Loon, but I don’t live in New Hampshire anymore.

  228. Come to my hill. It’s a magical place where the snow is made of margarita, weed grows wild, a whiskey river flows and the trees are, well the trees are just ponderosa pine and douglas fur, but they’re still really nice, very beautiful. To be honest though, the margarita snow is a little slushy. It’s kind of a more grown-up/naughty Land of Dairy Queen.

  229. Raging Buffalo in Algonquin IL, may not be the biggest “mountain” or has the best “pow” but youll have a fucking great time. from down rails to dfd’s to donkey dicks to everything youd imagine. im not done..its a tow rope park, that means hot lapping all day while the sun is shining, everyones killing it, everyones filming. its also midwest…we need people like you for some inspiration.

  230. you guys should roll out to snowshoe west virginia.
    why? cause tj schneider came here once, and we want a cooler legacy than the snowboard realms
    the ticket checkers are all peruvian babes that are down for some sketchy employee housing boning
    because our lifties are all meth-ed out rednecks that have an endless supply of cheap moonshine
    we have a nightclub on the mountain. ‘nough said
    it’s not sketchy i swear
    we have like a 2:1 hot tub/ person ratio
    we have like two miles of side-hits. where ya gonna find that in the SE?
    it’s not sketchy i swear
    seriously, like tj schneider and a nitro tour came here once, we can do better
    patrick mitchell and aj lawson have rode here
    it’s not sketchy i swear

  231. Well it’s simple on why to come to Raging Buffalo.. Every kid will give Jed a blowjob.

  232. Go to Boreal.
    1. Because it’s better than any other mountain.
    2. You will have far too much fun at Boreal.
    3. There’s plenty of rails for the two of us.
    4. Hypothetically, if Boreal was a person, it would slap the shit out of your grandma, and dance the night away in a sugar-binged rage, whilst listening to Motzart, and not giving a fuck what anyone thinks.
    5. It’s in California, which is far better than any other state. (Most will agree with me.)
    6. The fun levels are 10 times higher at Boreal. It’s a fact. If your fun levels are, lets say a 20, Boreal puts out 200 fun points. If your fun levels are 40, Boreal’s are 400. You can’t win.
    7. Boreal is just another way to say awesome.

  233. Schwieberdingen, Germany!!
    name speeks for itself 😀 just come hang out and lemme see the movie!

  234. Whistler cocksuckers ! Thee best. Hands down. If you dont show up, your stupid.

  235. big sky montana of course…i mean its montana, no sales tax, annnnnnd some of the best pow ever.

  236. Brighton, UT. I know it would be one hell of a long journey for Grendys and Bode to go all the way there, but it would be worth it. There’s a super pipe, 100 foot jumps, a high speed gondola, and someone that scans your pass. It’s like Whistler, but better.

  237. Well, there is a little bump in wisconsin called Wilmot, its short, but we have rails and are jumps are not terrible.. most of the time. You can lap a bunch, and it has an awesome locals scene. We have only have two contests a year, and having you guys come would definitely liven up the season.

  238. dont come to ontario canada, its fucking shit. every resort, no kidding. we have to wake up and drive our fucking mooses to the hill for a shit day snowboarding.

  239. TAHOE – nstar, heavenly, sierra, boreal, etc we got da steeeeeeeeeeeeezzzzzzz!

  240. actually you should come to wachusett mountain and film a part because the mountain is run like a nazi corporation, not a rider friendly place. they especially dont understand snowboarding/park riding. they are the last mountain to have a full park running every season and charge you an extra fee to get a park pass. you guys should come lap the park, crushing signs, fences, and what not (and of coarse the lack of rails and jibs too.) it would put a smile on every poor soul’s face that has to deal with wachusett for their local hill.

  241. Yo if this team likes to send it all day and get reckless all night they neeeeda get at Raging Buffalo in Illinois. Hot lappin’ at the park or hittin spots, this is where you want to be. Chicago is ill and not played out one bit. Once you shred here you get treated like family and thats how snowboarding should be, crews shreddin together and havin a great fucking time.

  242. Come to Snoqualmie, throw snowballs at kooks, and ride fun rails. Otherwise fuck you

  243. Listen here, Half the kids on my mountain life their lives by Jed Anderson, the other half rip all on salomon equipment. Theres no reason this bus shouldn’t come to springs. We got the #1 parks in the east why would you want to come?

  244. come to northstar so we can get weird in tahoe!! ill try to break in to the stash cabin for you guys and get spinny yadadimean !!

  245. It would mean the world to me if Shaun White came to Holiday Valley

  246. I agree whit @Alex Dejardinsss !! We love poutine and PBR !!

  247. I can tell that Illinois is down to suck off Jed every other salomon rider so how bout You guys come to both four lakes and raging buffalo. About an hour away from each other, your gettin a taste of both worlds, plus free suckies from the whole big (ILL)inois state! Why the fuck not?!

  248. Also nick lipton lives in Chicago to we can all dick him down

  249. CHITOWN! RAGING BUFFALO! no snakin skiers, we got spots on spots on spots, kids that go harder than hard. no softie shit. we dont need anybody to wipe our ass. MIDWEST GANGLAND GET WIT IT!

  250. come to buff. fuck it. dont even come. come hit street. lot of hidden metal

  251. Four lakes in lisle illinois because it sucks and no one outside of the area know it exists, if you go you can feel safe knowing that you wont be the on wrecking yourself but instead the train of toddlers barreling after you will do all the work

  252. you guys know nothing bout tha caked life. danger dave put me in a headlock at hood! GET WIT IT DAWG! RaGGGGING BUFFFFFFALO FOOOOR DAAAAYZZZZZ/

  253. When I think of a good session I think of shredding rails and doing laps on roptows and there is no better place to do that than 4 lakes in illinios. U guys need to come to illinios because it doesn’t get any respect for shredding, we got Chicago only 30 min away from 4 lakes. There r plenty of spots there that have never been filmed in a major video and this is your chance to come shred the best place on earth 4 lakes.

  254. PLEASE COME TO SPRINGHILL WINTER PARK ! We need to show all the kids what style is. We have 2 tow ropes and the worlds shortest quad. we also have the best park to learn stuff have a good time and just shred. No were not a mountain and not a hill its just a big ditch that goes around are city. We have a lot of kids in the snowboard scene that love to shred. Are hill never gets no exposer,We never have preimers, tours or pros come to are hill or even city. I think we should start all this with a sick tour coming with the Salomon and bonfire team vacation bus coming to Springhill.

  255. James Wilson is right, Raging Buffalo is one of the coolest places to ride just because the riders there basically run the park, we don’t have chairlifts or super deep pow, but we have a love for shredding, fun kids to ride with, and hot laps for days.

  256. Hands down Mt Bachelor in Bend, OR is the place to be! It’s where all the cool mangs shred! I’ll be there all winter break! I promise you won’t regret choosing the great Northwest for your Team Vacation. If it doesn’t live up to my recommendation I’ll take ya guys out for some cold ones…it’s a win win situation! I wish you guys an epic winter and hope to see you in this neck of the woods soon.

  257. holy shit illinois is getting some love or the same kid is posting all these comments… either way COME TO FOUR LAKES for all the reasons everyone else said

  258. come to any resort in tahoe, its fuckin tahoe bro.

  259. get over too raging buffalo we go way to hard. also we have zeach squad, nothings better then a nice little rope tow and good ol keith drivin that cat. also we like ke$ha so thats a plus.

  260. alright. raging buffalo is pretty sweet. as sketchy as people make it sound, its not tht bad. its just the locals basically run tht park. all the rails there were bought/built by the riders becasue the owner is still stuck in the 90’s and thinks we need more disco boxes and dragon tails. n NO. were not a bunch of GBP kooks as people are makin it sound. raging buffalo is just a breeding ground for good riders. hot laps all day with good friends and some sick rails. Most of us stay up all night setting shit up/building/ and repainting new rails. You guys need to come to show the owner what snowboardin is all about. i mean he has Pat Dingelberrys mighty mid whatever camp come ever year…sick. teachin the youngins how to phathom press and n jib a couch. WACK. But seriously, buffalo has a bunch of young talented riders tht think it would be sick if you guys came n shredded for alitle. plus, were in a recession, place is bout to go outta business any year. give the town alittle hyped and help a sport progess in the MIDWEST

  261. raging buffalo algonquin il do it go here its soo fun jed lovers all over

  262. Yo come to Brighton UT its hell a chill and laid back, with the best park crew ever!

  263. Raging buffalo also is home to some of the most proper riders in the land they even have there own group zeach squad so yeah go there now.

  264. connor schmeling goes to buffalo. k bye

  265. Raging Buffalo in Algonquin, IL. Best place ever. Good vibes and a tow rope so you can lap it all day long

  266. COme to Breck but in april so we can cheef the fuck out of breck on some mad legal weed, then get back to the quad at CU for the 420 smokeout with snoop dogg


  268. CUM DOWN TO ILLINOIS! Raging Buffalo is the siqest place ever and we have a sick park and tow ropes! great vibes

  269. keith+raging buffalo=bad halfpipe and discoboxes<3

  270. you can watch me sit in the den and talk to the boys at raging buffalo

  271. Dont go to wilmot, if you dont have a leash they bend you over and stick a 12incher in your pipes

  272. As u guys can see we got lots of shredders in illionois so come out to 4 lakes and raging buffalo

  273. Stop posting about raging buffalo and 4 lakes, we understand you want them to go there. but for real, shut the fuck up.

  274. My local hill is back in New Zealand although I’m doing a season at Sun Peaks Resort in B.C so you could come here. Not only is it the 3rd largest ski area in Canada with a rad park and sweet pow but your mum also called and said to come here…

  275. I’m sorry Yobeat there are a lot of retarded kids from Illinois that think that by spamming the comments the better chance one of us have to win. They don’t get that its making both resorts from Illinois look bad. If one of the admins could delete some of the stupid shit that is getting posted that would be appreciated not only by the snowboarders of Illinois(from both resorts) but the rest of the people on Yobeat that have to put up with this shit.

  276. Tyrol Basin, Wisconsin. Its home. Good food, rad park, and a chill scene. No pro riders coming in or out, just chill heads who like lapping the park all day. Been doing shit right since freestyle riding began, and Don is a rad dude. Its got a rope tow, but that’s not all of snowboarding. Big booters, the raddest 10-ft hashpike, fun features, and the best kids. Nothing better than a day spent at the basin with some homies. Come and ride or whatever. It’s all good at Tyrol.

  277. Those cool dudes should come to App Ski Mtn in Boone, NC….
    A. because I bet everyone above didnt even know there was sick snowboarding in North Carolina
    B. because ATP (app terrain park) has some of the best park setups and features on THE RIGHT COAST, everyone is huge on the the west coast being better, yes they have bigger mtns but doesnt mean they have better parks. App is a hill compared to most ski resorts… but we make due with what we have and shred just as hard as everyone else. example…Cam Pierce came out of NC and now hes got video parts in the forum videos.
    C. because snowboarding is about having FUN and i am positive they will have FUN at ATP.

    Happy shredding
    -STZ crew

  278. my name is miggs. I’m the fat white dude who hangs with the gremlinz and doesn’t snowboard. Ill buy everyone a matching gucci bandana and I’ll make zach lefter loose his homeless person birds nest hair havin ass style if you guys come to tahoe.


  279. Now i’m not gonna try to convince you to come to Pebble Creek Ski Area in Idaho using witty words or metaphors. I’m gonna nail you with the concrete details. First of all, Pebble doesn’t get a lot of snow, so bring your junk boards, or your spares, i don’t give a shit. Second, everyone here sucks, with the exception of one or two people (you know who you are). Thirdly, all the “local” skiers here still think its funny to call snowboarders “nuckledraggers.” Really? Grow the f**k up. Thats probably what your thinking, huh? Oh well, moving on. Next, the park here blows huge balls, bet you didn’t see that coming. Who would of thought that a danky ski resort in the middle of no-where wouldn’t have a decent park, i for one am astonished. But the last fact that i personally believe is the most important, is that is literally in the middle of the Utah resorts (Park City, The Canyons, and Brighton) and Jackson Hole. You guys will probably be going to those resorts anyways, so why not stop by and ruin a perfectly good snowboard while you enjoy a cold brew? But what the f**k do i care, you guys probably won’t be asked for any autographs anyways.

  280. come to estonia, you gonna see smallest mountain ever!! 😀

  281. Come to raging buffalo in illinois, we have kids that are happy with what we have. We all hot lap all day if its a good day or a shitty day, if werre not park lappin were having fun in the streets. We love to have fun shredding because thats what snowboardings about. We love to film and learn new Tricks and have fun withfriends. And we are always tAking care of the park nd getting the best out of our 3 month season come to buff to show our owner what. Snowboarding really is

  282. ComE to buff. Sick rails amd hot laps with the rOp tows!

  283. CAUSE IT’S NORTH CAROLINAAAAAA THROW YO HANDZ UP! TAKE YA SHIRT OFF TWIZT IT ROUND YO HEADDD LIKE A HELIICOPTAAAA! Appalachian Ski Mtn or App Terrain Park is prolly one of the top 5 parks on the east coast when it comes to features, and keeping them clean. We may not have the best weather or the biggest hill. App ski mountain’s coming in with a stout 365 foot of vertical with a solid 27 acres that is more wide the tall. The hill looks like a chode more or less. But we have the 4th largest Park crew in the nation. So you know it’s always gonna be on point. If you wanna do some cool maneuvers in the trick park then App ski mtn is just for you. So come on out and ride with a bunch of rednecks and bros and then come rage at App State University home of the mountaineers and get fucked up with the college kids. WOOOOOOO.


  285. mountain creek, because no one travels to new jersey to snowboard.

  286. Brian Head is better than no head. Mormon girls all around this southern UT estate. Park laps for days. You will also be able to meet some of the infamous man-dimes of south UT if you are into that. ( check it.

  287. Ohhh good ol’ North Carolina….To start off….none of you guys have a cookout, good burger place kinda equivalent to the in and out. Sundrop invented here along with cheerwine, to commonly known sodas around these parts…pretty much the greatest drinks ever. We got app ski mountain. Daniel Boone lived here. A few Capita guys came through…Scott Stevens Cale Zima and Tj Schnieder. They had a lot of fun got really drunk for free probably had sex with hot chicks. They said it was the nicest and most friendliest place they visited… I think.. Our terrain park is better than these other kids…we have more park than normal runs. We run shit they eat shit we snowboard they ski we are cool they are not. So come to app mountain or have East Coast Hate forever…jokingly of course we love you guys. We dont need the free stuff we just want it like everyone else. The main reason for you to come is to coem shred a north carolina secret and be treated like kings while ya get drunk with free beer and eat free food ride for free maybe i dont know but hey you probably are not paying for it yourself.

    So come ride


  288. Wilmot Wisconsin,people hate on willy some much but the thing we have so many locals who progress every year and just have fun with it.we love our wilmot mountain, the park keeps getting better and better every year, we have good sized runs with lifts new tubing hills and just a over all good environment, Wilmot ski and snowboard, tubing has been working on the place year by year just for some improvments, come stop at wilmot give all the employees a confidence boost, and shred with the locals.

  289. Hi, um….if you guys came to montana….that would just about make my life! i dont mind if i dont win the board or not…just having some sick pros come and shred our hill would be rad..

  290. cause seymour is ghetto fun. party snake!!!!!!!!!

  291. Holiday Valley, NY is one of the most entertaining resorts in the east. There are so many aspects to this place that other resorts don’t have.. We have three full terrain parks, the best waffle hut in the east (literally, its been rated), Radio Ron who thinks the clothing style is still in the 80’s and uses radio headphones, MILF’s standing around everywhere at the bottom of the bunny hill, Native americans trying to sell cheap cigarettes who mean mug you every second, Bars everywhere with the best wings and pizza you will ever have, and its the home of notorious Dialer Dualers. if you don’t know them already, Mo F*#Ka’s beta know.

  292. Because….Chris Grenier…enough said

  293. Fuck the world and come to Duluth. We’ll round the Damage and Jambox crews up, get drunk, and get the boot from even more bars. Ask Bjorn about how a night with us winds up……

  294. Raging Buffalo has the most hype. everyone is supportin that shit. good vibes good times good memories. all these haters are jealous that raging is so small but has the most hype and so many people know about it

  295. Come to sunday river in maine because the west side is overrated in park edits. Nobody checks out the eastern mountains unless it’s Loon. the mountain is huge and the parks are fresh, and the vibe here is the best I think. I doubt this will get picked but it would be pretty sick to see a nice pro edit at my local hill

  296. because the chicks here give up the b-hole

  297. Come out to Park City! PCMR’s early season park is pretty sick right now.. nice lines and such. And after shredding the park, you can get some cheap grub and cheaper PBR’s at a different place in town every day! Epic if you ask me. “I Ride Park City”

  298. Come to C.O.P. (Calgary) its jeds hometown cmon! and we have some of the best urban here in calgary so please come! CALGARY WHAT UP!



  300. Stevens Pass, cause we got real mountains and a cheesy bavarian town down the road. Leaderhosen, Pow Stashes, and Beer is all a man needs!

  301. The Solomon/Bonfire team needs to come to Cataloochee Ski Resort in North Carolina! We may not have the biggest mountain or the best features but the environment is about having fun and enjoying snowboarding for what it is and having fun. not only is the snowboarding great but the people are great and Haywood County has Tractor Pulls, Pig Catchin’, Muddin’, Square Dancing, try finding that in Whistler, Mont Cascade Quebec, or Four Lakes in Illinois. We know how to have a good time in N.C. and you won’t regret coming.

  302. Stowe VT because who doesn’t like a place where you get to wear all your layers and coats at once. You can ride a predominantly skier mountain with fun parks, plenty of snow, glades with strange names like angel food. You can also hit the famous burlington high school set a 1/2 away

  303. where dem runners up prizes at fool

  304. the mountains around baltimore are shitty, and the salamonder bus isn’t. it would make the make the mountains less shitty.

  305. @What!!! we did say that, didn’t we. Ok, stay tuned…

  306. come to okemo. we really haven’t had action since niko cioffi, danny kass, lucas magoon, shayne pospisil, kevin pearce for a bit i think, and ect. all either got straight up banned or went somewhere else and okemo has been a blow ever since. the only good riders here now are jeremy landy (owner of strap’d up) and rex calabrese but they came back from tahoe to help us out a little and get back to riding some of that east coast metal. its been boring, yours truly – the kid that needs excitement

  307. Cataloochee Ski Area (Maggie Valley, NC). No large towns within 30 minutes on all sides. Its here you will find the second most interesting people in the United States, the best times you could possibly imagine, and friends you will never forget. Our park isn’t by any means anything to boast about. No rope tows, no large jumps, and not many rails to choose from but at Cataloochee the experience is not about the park. Most of our good times are solely based off of having fun with friends and taking advantage of the occasional side hit. Everybody knows everybody on the mountain and everyone is close. As a plus in your off mountain hours there is the best selection of entertainment around from biker bars to tiki bars to square dancing with your cousin. I see all of these midwestern mountains gaining popularity all the while the southeast has just been a sleeping giant. I promise if you took a visit, you would never regret it.

  308. because if you chose me and my hill (artouste) then you will get the chance not just to meet me but to give me a snowboard, but seriously i’d be really stoked if you guys picked me

  309. At long last, the runners up are: Pat Bethel from Pico, VT, James Wilson from Chicago and Alexandre Desjardins from Quebec. thanks to everyone!


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