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I’ve been sold on the bird gang for a minute now. They always seem to bring quality edits that I find myself watching again and again. The full movie is just what I expected: grimy riding, thug music, and very minimal editing.

Riders: Matt Buttel, Dave (davoucci) Scott, Troy Erickson, Jess Kimura, Lee Proudlock, Rhett Haubrich, Jake Bergen, Drew Luetjen, and a few homie birds

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Comments (13)

  1. you should never name your video (or “gang”) after jim jones’ record label unless youre willing to go that extra mile by only using music from said record label

  2. i was hesitant, but now i am not hesitant.

  3. i hate when people use the phrase “in a minute”


  5. bucker u askin for an ass whoppin in a miniute


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