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Newt’s Cast November

It may look like the Bone Zone with less snow, but we assure you, it’s not! This place is in Idaho.

Part 1 – 13 tricks from the dudes.

Part 2- In the Bro Zone.

snowboarding done by: Corey McDonald, Phil Damianakes, Jacob St. John, Loren Exon, Pat Miller, AJ Ogden.

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  • trendyfinder

    movie clips
    blowing smoke
    skate-style fisheye filming
    senseless sound-bytes

    man you guys really got it covered

  • Jeff

    ^^Keep hatin.

    Yeah IDAHO

  • D Train

    This has been our style for a while now. You obviously don’t know what your talking about trendy. So go eat some turkey and shut the fuck up.

  • Dave7

    If you’re not from Pocatello, you’re not from Idaho.



  • burrr

    black and white + ghetto ass beats..SO hot right now

  • Colt Morgan.

    Clean. I liked that.

  • Birdrider

    I think these are the coolest people to ever grace the state of Idaho. Seriously, everyone that comes out of that place is like worse that rural Utahans. Dumb and probably polygamist.


    idaho homies killing it!

  • MATT

    part II, cool

  • kvlt

    thankful 4 relevant gangsta beatz
    thankful 4 backwoodz bangerz
    thankful 4 artistic black n white editing
    thankful 4 dat mysterious district
    & thankful that i’m riding bear tomorrow

    cool shit

  • boardjumpz

    HELL YEAH! Idahomies gettin it done

  • StLouisAlaskan

    very well done. good filming and editing. pretty good riding. obviously busted ass all summer up at that joint to clear land and build junk. A-

  • Pusha-T

    holla atcha boy cory! he killed it

  • Chaz69DankGang420

    YEAH NUggety Newts. Dave7 Alrudddykn000

  • seamtits foster

    sick sauce, trendyfinder you suck

  • karnkarn

    Cool zone
    Buah Buah

  • James Saucier

    the riding was clean but you tried to make it look like a skate video too much