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Terrible Tuesday: Park City’s Balls

Park City is Open and balls are being tapped. Scotty Arnold, Blake Paul, Sam Taxwood, Mac Sepelli, Ben Bilodeau, and Nick Fuca.

is pretty.... awesome.
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Comments (24)

  1. “You think you ballin cuz’ you got a ____”?? What does he say? I am much too white and middle class to understand a thing in this song. Speaking of not getting it.. has anyone heard of Yelawolf? That shit is terrible. Is it a joke or is that for real?

    Oh, off topic again. Fun edit! That mach 5 miller flip was pretty ballsy (see what I did there)!!

  2. “cuz’ you got a block.” youre just white enough that you should know how to use the internet and google though.

    aside from bilodeau’s bs rewind tap this was kind of weak.

  3. song from dragotta’s loon part

  4. dyl9 killed this song
    no one should be able to use it

  5. worded that real shitty
    meant it in a good way

  6. How could you tell it apart from any other loon edit? boooorring

  7. damnnnn that miller flip was insane in the membrane

  8. This song has already been used in a better edit…… next

  9. BEN B RIPS!

  10. Big Boy Ben Droppin dem Bricks!

  11. i rather watch dylan part from loon with this song… next

  12. Take off that stupid 3000 hunk of glass. this isn’t skateboarding!!!!! So fucking sick of watching all these park city edits with 90 percent of the footage being fisheye skate footage that makes the feature look 10 times smaller then it really is.. rolling up to this it’s pretty big.. this fisheye angle just kills it.

  13. ^I hope you taco the park city ball next time you’re “rolling up”. the fisheye clips look sweet and you know it.

  14. brick squaaaad partyboiben666 was good


  16. these guys are probably mormons… but the riding was tight


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