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Salomon Saas Fe B Roll?

Awesome B Roll footage from the Salomon guys at Saas-Fee. Kinda makes you wonder how much amazing “B Roll” footage goes unseen every season…

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  • shaquille oneil

    better footage here than in their real edit…

  • minnesotanice

    so good, looks so fun.


    Big-Penis Roll

  • trend setter

    its called bfooty not broll broll is different

  • Peepeepoopoo

    Holy hand drager

  • Farnan

    :52 is reckless

  • Caleb

    this was sick

  • Smurph


  • Ol’ Grandma Bojangles

    These skiboarding folks are some mothafuckin badass mothafuckas. Ya dig, nykka?

  • niggerlover

    jed is swaggin to the max

  • carpet