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Jordan Daniels YKMF FULL PART

Feast your eyes on Jordan Daniels full part, straight from the YKMF reel. We know you have issues making it through a whole movie, so here’s a kiddie portion. Focus!! It’s worth it.

And if you’re feeling on top of your shit today, go for the full length video,

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Comments (22)

  1. rest in piss

  2. as real as it gets

  3. after arm swagger, so hot right now

  4. riding was fire too bad the music and editing was something you’d see from a middle school video production class.

  5. Rod, you have no idea what you r talking you f^ckin idoit.

  6. candygrind is gay as fuck

  7. JP Walker’s meat hooks arm style doesn’t have shit on this stiff armed yet nasty mofo.

  8. i like this kids style.. good rider for sure

  9. i didn’t have a problem making it through the whole movie, i liked it more than working for the city and keep the change

  10. this shit is illllll, JD is killing it, WFTC2, WBL 4 LYFE!!

  11. Great Part!! Bs off parking garage was awesome.


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