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First Chair At Mammoth With The Arbor Crew

This looks fun.

The Arbor riders in Mammoth, dubbed the “Exit 203” crew, camped overnight to be on the first chair for the official kick-off of the 2011/2012 winter season. Over the course of a four days Danny Thomas, Mariah Dugan, Mark Reininga, Patrick Reddy, Tres Green, and guest rider Scotty Vine worked hard to put together their first video of the season. Filmed and edited by Nate

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Comments (16)

  1. Scott Stevens killin’ it… of wait, that’s Scott Vine, sorry

  2. danny thomas kills it.

  3. that was really painful to watch until scotty came in

  4. I feel like this footage has been posted on here multiple times just edited differently

  5. how u gona talk shit on scott vine??

  6. Hmmmm since when is mistaking someone for Scott Stevens considered talking shit??? I sure as hell wouldn’t mind

  7. scotty vine… no 1 footers? wow

  8. So sick!! Mammoth is the shit, great riding. even the girl had decent style

  9. what the fuck scott vine’s style evolves more than the galapagos finches goddamit. I remember when he did triple backflips and rode for stepchild he was cooler then. arbors boards look kinda noodle and cheap

  10. its not so much his style its just his choice of clothing.. not very tasteful. but he does rip

  11. this was the first edit i watched without skipping scot vine since child support. fuck, that makes such a difference. and it takes the clown image of arbor kind of away.
    i guess people will love vine by mid season if he keeps his hood on his shoulders and his pants functional and over his boots

  12. this was awful…doesnt make me want to ride mammoth at all. No disrespect for arbor but these riders suck. except scotty….glad to see his pants coming out.

  13. wait does scotty vine take it up the butt ?

  14. scott steven is good but is a ass fag when it comes to him and that one footed circus tricks.


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