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The Midwest Does Colorado

You know what Colorado needs? More Midwesterners.

Riders: Paul Buck, Justin Henigin, Shane Hoschette, and Cole Linzmeyer.

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Comments (33)

  1. pretty sick, can someone id the song?

  2. 2:24, gross

  3. we don’t know what you’re saying!

  4. In all seriousness, can someone explain the hate behind CG? I always see people hating on them but never understood why

  5. Damn candygrind is so cool. Those guys were so cool. That song was so cool. Their style was so cool.

  6. dude… candygrind is retarted… come on cole your better then that

  7. Andrew, the hate behind CG or more commonly known as Cock Gusslers is first of all they make lame ass products and their name is CANDY GRIND.

  8. They also hook up two pole totin’ pussies.

  9. Henigin and Linzmeyer lookin good

  10. no justin i don’t get what your saying..

  11. candygrind what a company… coloradBRO

  12. ya that zeach at 1:15 was proper along with the nastyness at 2:24. Candygrind kids are too cool for their own good

  13. So not okay with them trying to associate themselves with PBR.

    Fuck Candygrind, rasta is wack.

  14. Yobeat- please dont ever post something like this again

  15. all you snow jocks care way too much about snowboarding. these fellas are pretty good riders.

  16. snowboarders hating more then broke rappers,, sheesshh

  17. i thought the trick at 2:24 was sick

  18. that one shot of shane is cooler than the whole video

  19. Factorslu spelled “retarded” wrong before using “your” instead of “you’re.” What a scholar.

  20. fuck the notation that everyone from colorado is a bro…everyone from the east is a fatty ice loving d-bag

  21. midwest is the place to be! keep reppin guys

  22. yeah who the fuck is that paul buck kid i thought he was really good and who cares if there from the midwest atleast there snowboarding i wish my town had snow 🙁

  23. im from atlanta so what


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